We promise: Independent, confident, lifelong learners

First, Middle & Upper School

‘The large majority of children achieve a good level of development by the end of Reception because they make good or better progress throughout the three year groups in the foundation stage. ISQM Accreditation Report May 2018


Our school is organised into three units, the First School ages 6 weeks + through 6 years, Middle School ages 6+ through 10 years and Upper School ages 10+ through 14 years.

First School / Early Years – Nursery, Kindergarten, Reception & Year 1

The children in the early years learn in an extremely vibrant and inclusive environment, inside and outdoors, that supports their many different approaches to learning. ISQM Accreditation Report May 2018


The First School begins at St Andrews Samakee when children enter Baby Sensory at 6 weeks + and continue until the end of Year 1 at 6+. Our First School provides an ideal and homely environment for your child to grow, and develop in an atmosphere of warmth, security and care. In this safe environment, your child will flourish and will be encouraged to learn through play and given every opportunity to reach their full potential at their own pace. First School children have specialist teaching in PE, Swimming, Thai, Spanish, Music, Makerspace (STEM) and Environmental Science at our onsite farm.

Middle School – Year 2-5

‘Students’ strong sense of giving to the community shows strongly in their commitment to preserving the environment. This permeates the school and there is a positive commitment to reusing and recycling. This is particularly evident in the school farm where environmental mindfulness is prominent and developed successfully. ‘ ISQM Accreditation Report May 2018

Middle School is for children between the ages of 6 to 10 years (Year 2 – Year 5)The class teacher is the children’s main teacher and they have specialist teaching in Thai, French, PE, Music, Art & Design Technology, Makerspace (STEM) and Environmental Science at our onsite farm. Starting from Year 5 children also have specialist teaching in computer science.

Upper School – Year 6-9

‘In key stage 3, all groups of students make outstanding progress.’ ISQM Accreditation Report May 2018


Upper School comprises three-year groups: Year 6 – Year 9, ages 10 to 14 years. In Years 6-9 children are taught by specialist teachers for all subjects with History, Geography, Design Technology, French, Spanish, Thai, Music, Drama, Makerspace (STEM) and Environmental Science at our onsite farm being taught as discrete subjects.

It is during the middle and upper years that the children consolidate and build upon the skills that they began acquiring in the First School. Our dedicated teachers inspire and challenge children to achieve their personal best.

‘pupils’ attainment in most subjects is above average and often high. Almost all pupils make rapid progress from their starting points’ – BSO (British School Overseas) May 2015

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