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Environmental Mindfulness

At Samakee we believe that we should leave the world in a better way than we found it. For us that means, taking care of and playing in our natural environment, campaigning for sustainability, planting more trees and developing our wilderness skills, after all the more beauty we see in nature, the more we want to protect it.

Through child-initiated projects, students have gradually transformed an unused football field into a thriving farm. Take a look at our ongoing Teepee Farm Projects, and how our outdoor learning space has evolved.

Our Bamboo Projects – We love bamboo on the Teepee Farm and children are constantly developing our farm with different projects and are gaining confidence using a range of tools. Some ongoing projects include our bamboo treehouse, the duck enclosure and even dino dens.

Reforestation – We strive to make our planet greener each day. On the Teepee Farm children have the opportunity to plant and nurture our ever-growing forest on each visit.

Animal Nurture – So far our compassionate farmers have raised many healthy ducks, five cheeky pigs, two hungry goats and a surprisingly speedy tortoise.

Earth Day celebrations

Growing crops – Children who visit the farm regularly are keen farmers and have experienced harvesting morning glory, lemongrass, bananas, basil and long beans, so far.


Survival – As part of our Environmental Mindfulness programme, children gather a range of skills that would be useful in the wild. Fire and den building, tools are amongst the most popular skills.




Teepee Farm Programmes

Discovery Learning in EYFS

Children in the Early Years have the opportunity to visit the farm daily and learn through discovery. This learner led program allows children to choose from a range of nature-based activities aimed to promote awe and wonder about our world and to stimulate curious minds. The setting is designed specifically to raise self-esteem, promote teamwork and appropriate risk-taking. Throughout the year children have the opportunity to nurture animals, plant trees, use tools, build fires and explore nature. This takes place during the EYFS integrated sessions.  


Working in the WIlderness in KS1

KS1 students choose to visit the farm for one hour per week during their integrated session. The hour begins with a mindfulness activity and session input meeting related to the KS1 science curriculum objectives. Children are then able to choose which activities they’d like to be a part of before a short reflection at the end; activities include; planting and mud-based activities; nurturing animals; ongoing community projects; and wilderness skills.

Environmental Mindfulness – slow down and pay attention to the present, in nature. Mindfulness can help form stronger emotional and psychological resilience, self-compassion, equanimity and learning retention. Environmental Mindfulness helps KS2/3 students to take time out of their busy day to pay attention to nature. Through, learner-led projects, students create projects that have a positive impact on our environment and implement them. Whilst completing their projects, learners participate in a specific set of Environmental Mindfulness activities, aimed to calm,  reduce stress hormone production, boost the immune system, and improve overall feelings of wellbeing, encouraging students to consider their well being and connection to nature.

Behaviour Intervention – Mindful time in nature to boost learners focus and self-esteem

A programme offered to children struggling specifically with behaviour in class. Short and regular sessions consisting of mindfulness activities and wilderness projects eg; den building, fire building, sawing, collecting nature, nature art, reflection.

Wilderness Club – extracurricular – It is from this club and the passion of its members that the Teepee Farm first evolved. Samakee children have the opportunity to join Wilderness Club, where they have the opportunity to develop their wilderness skills, explore the natural space and leave a positive mark on the Teepee Farm.

Eco-Warriors – Following the British Eco-Schools Improvement Plan, student representatives from years 3 – 9 meet once or twice a month to discuss and take action to make a positive impact, environmentally, in our school.

Inclusion – Additional farm time for children with special educational needs.

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