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‘High quality teachers and support staff work closely and productively as a team’ - CfBT Education Trust May 2012

We believe that our greatest resource is our teachers. They are fully qualified and experienced with a special talent and enthusiasm for teaching using a child centred approach. Our teachers work together as a team and we use their expertise to provide our children with the highest standards of teaching and learning. ‘Teachers’ impressive subject knowledge is used well to provide clear explanations and carefully structured activities.’ – BSO (British Schools Overseas) May 2015

Samakee is divided into smaller groups based on age these are: First School, Middle School and Upper School.

First School caters for children between the ages of 12+ months to 7 years (Little Learners/Toddlers – Year 2).

Middle School is for children between the ages of 7 to 10 years (Year 3 – Year 6).

Upper School comprises 3 year groups: Year 7 – Year 9, ages 11 to 14 years.

Monica Sudhirak - Headteacher

Monica Sudhirak - Headteacher

Tabietha Sudhirak - Early Years Coordinator

Tabietha Sudhirak - First School Phase Leader | Little Nursery Teacher

Louisa Williams

Louisa Perkins - School Development Leader

Nicky Page - Year 7 Teacher, P.E. & Swimming Teacher

Nicky Page - Upper School Phase Leader Physical Education Specialist |Upper School  Form Teacher |Upper History

Mark Kaye - Year 5 Teacher

Mark Kaye Middle School Phase LeaderMiddle School Teacher – Year 6

Benjamin Weller - Primary Inclusion Leader

Lucy Roberts - EYFS & KS3 Inclusion Leader

Lynette Pinvises - Early Years Teacher - Nursery

Lynette Pinvises - First School Teacher – Nursery

Rachel Dixon - First School Teacher - Kindergarten

Rachel Dixon - First School Teacher – Kindergarten

Lucy Greig - First School Teacher - Reception

Lucy Greig - First School Teacher – Reception

Frances Wilkinson - First School Teacher - Reception

Frances Wilkinson - First School Teacher – Reception

Prem Nisimo - Early Years Teacher - Reception

Prem Nisimo - First School Teacher – Reception

Sethi De Clercq - Early Years Teacher - Reception

Sethi De Clercq - First School Teacher – Year 1 | ICT Subject Leader

Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood - First School Teacher – Year 1

Alison Frankland - Year 2 Teacher

Alison Frankland - First School Teacher – Year 2 | Environment Subject Leader

Rosie Whitney - Year 3 Teacher

Rosie Whitney - First School Teacher – Year 2

Hannah Nanovu - Year 3 Teacher

Hannah Nanovu - Middle School Teacher – Year 3

Laura Murray - Year 3 Teacher

Laura Murray - Middle School Teacher – Year 3

Nathan Yan - Year 2 Teacher

Nathan Yan - Middle School Teacher – Year 4

Sonia Fryer - Year 5 Teacher

Sonia Fryer - Middle School Teacher- Year 5

Anne Bradley - Year 6 Teacher

Anne Bradley - Upper School Form Teacher | Upper School English

 Peter Lynch - PE/Dance Specialist

Peter Lynch - Phisical Education, Dance, Sport and PSHE Subject Leader

Upper School Form Teacher

Zukhra Suleymanova - Music Teacher

Zukhra Suleymanova - Music Specialist

Sheryl Bridgewater - Music Teacher

Sheryl Bridgewater - Music Specialist

 Gemma James

Gemma James - Upper School – Mathematics | Science and Science Subject Leader

 Adam Bernard

Adam Bernard - Art Design and Technology Specialist

 Marion Ponsy

Marion Ponsy - French Specialist

 Nick Hall

Nick Hall - Computer Science Specialist

 Kamoltip Sin-Am (JIb) - Thai Language

Jib Sin-Am - Thai Language Specialist

Joy Choeyprasert

Joy Choeyprasert - Thai Language Specialist

Kitsanee Bone (Pla) - P.E. & Swimming Teacher

Pla Bone - First School P.E & Art

Amber Punyaratabhan - Office Manager

Amber Punyaratabhan - Office Manager

Kedsanee Pongkanmoon (Kate) - IT Manager

Kedsanee Pongkanmoon - IT Manager

Piyada Jitareewong (Da)- Accountant

Da Jitareewong - Senior Accountant

Titirat Thongtawee (Bee) - Purchasing Officer

Bee Thongtawee - Purchasing Officer

Khanuengnit  Kaewkalong (Kung) - Purchasing Officer

Kung Kaewkalong - Purchasing Assistant


Bank Showiwattana - Government Liaison Officer

Chonkran Phetluechai - Network Admin

Chonkran Phetluechai - Network Admin

Kittanon Laokasikan - ICT Technician

Bank Laokasikan - ICT Technician

Aom Kaewpankan - Adminstration Assistant

Aom Kaewpankan - Adminstration Assistant

Nara Kachenchart - School Librarian

Nara Kachenchart - School Librarian

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