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The last day of term proved an emotional rollercoaster! The Leaving Year 9 students did themselves and Samakee proud as they entertained and touched us all with their reflections and anecdotes of their time at Samakee… Here are just a few photos and quotes from the morning… the class of 2017!

“My time at Samakee has been a mix of different adventures. Since being here, I have had great times and great opportunities to do different things. I have been able to try new things and do things I never thought I was able to do. Ziplining, waterfall climbing, staying on a boat and e.t.c Not only that but I also learned new things over the years and developed new skills over the years that I will need later on in life…”                                                                                                                                                             Andi

“Dear Samakee, You’ve taught me many things in life that I greatly value. I want to thank you for teaching me friendship, understanding, community, kindness, youth, optimism and unity. I am saddened that I have to leave you but the has come. Thank you for everything…”                                              Arthur

“My whole entire life has been associated with St. Andrews Samakee until I can confidently call this place ‘home’. ‘Home’ is where I feel safe, secure and always happy… St. Andrews Samakee is my life, it’s who I am today and it’s a place full of chances and opportunities. Not only just enriching my knowledge, this school has introduced me to precious people that now have already become a part of me. Although my next step in life seems very exciting, I still can’t imagine a day when I walk into a school and I don’t see any of my friends or teachers…”                                                                                      Mind

“Though I’m excited for the future and ready to experience something new, I know I will miss the time spent here as well as all the people who I have known forever… As you can tell, St Andrews Samakee has played a gigantic role in my life and I will never forget the people who have turned up along the way. It is certain that in the future I will get to experience amazing things but no matter where I go or what I do, I will never experience anything like this again. Today when I walk out the school gate. I will never forget how lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard…”                                                           Neila

“…I remember looking around in awe of the trees and grass, maybe it’s because it reminded me of home. I walked into the classroom with no idea what to expect. Everyone was sat in a circle on the carpet. They all turned around and greeted me with warm welcoming smiles on their faces. Who knew, that some of these faces are one’s I’d never forget… that was 7 years ago…”                                                                                                    Nont

“…I would like to thank Mrs. Monica for making this school such a wonderful and warm place to grow up in. This cozy school is where most of my memories took place… Overall, I’ve had an amazing experience here at this school and I will miss everything about St Andrews Samakee, mainly the nice and supportive teachers and the friendly children…”           Romi

“During my time here, teachers and friends have come and gone. But through all that, we stuck together and now are about to leave and go our separate ways with only memories to remind us of our experience and time at Samakee. To be honest, I can still vaguely remember my first ever carpet time in Year 2. Each of us saying our names and introducing ourselves around the circle. My time at Samakee has been blessed with knowledge and fun…”                                                                      Zaim

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