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Our regular blogs will keep you up to date with what is happening at Samakee!

The Teepee Farm Treehouse

In term 2, 2018, the Teepee Farm Treehouse, proposed by the Student Council, became a whole school building project involving children from Nursery through to Year 9. Through this community hands-on learning experience on our school farm, all the children have the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem as they work together to achieve a real and meaningful objective using...

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Loose Parts Play

“Have you ever noticed that if you leave old junk lying around, kids will almost inevitably play with it? Whether it be old cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, pieces of wood, old tires [sic], bits of rope or string, kids will use their imagination and ingenuity to make something. This may make your garden look like a junkyard sometimes, but the experience...

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Why do we spend so much time outdoors?

We spend lots of time

learning outside the classroom

at Samakee, but why?

    Evidence repeatedly shows connecting with nature and the wilderness works. Playing and learning outdoors is good for social and emotional development improves self-awareness, and makes children more co-operative.        Studies show that children will be smarter, better able to get along with others, healthier and happier when they have...

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Welcome Back to School

On behalf of the Samakee staff, I would like to give you all a very warm welcome as we start the beginning of the new Academic Year, 2016-2017. I do hope that you have had a pleasant summer and that you are looking forward to the term ahead. We are eager to get to know our new children, their families...

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Mangrove Forest Trip

As part of their Thai topic this term, Year 5 visited The Learning Center in Samut Sakorn Province on Friday to learn about mangrove forests in Thailand. As can be seen in the photos, there were many activities for the children to explore such as, planting seeds, walking through the mangrove forest, and drawing about and experiencing forest activity. [gallery type="square"...

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Maths Parent Workshop

This week our Maths Team Leaders invited parents to a Maths Workshop where the team and parents had the opportunity to discuss the strategies and methods that your children use in multiplication. The Maths team offered clear explanations of how we use problem-solving activities to support your child’s Maths thinking and parents also had the opportunity to take part in...

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Aliens Love Underpants

Recently, early years enjoyed a topic about space and read the story Aliens Love Underpants. The children then decided to design and made their own underpants in the Art room. Children chose from a variety of resources to make their underpants, including wax crayons, glitter, collage material, stars, hearts, shapes, buttons, paint and much more. The children looked at different designs,...

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How much can you do in one minute?

Key Stage 1 has been learning how to make accurate estimates in the Magical Maths Room. The children estimated how many exercises they could do in a minute and then tested to see whether or not their estimates were accurate. The development of fundamental maths skills through cooperative group work and physical activity is so much fun!


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Headteacher Message 18/4/16

I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Songkran Holiday, and we look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Monday 18th April! St Andrew's Samakee poster for April 2016On Wednesday this week we welcome the author Gail Clarke, Gail will be in school to talk with the...

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Headteacher Message 11/4/16

International Day 2016 was truly a vibrant and spectacular event, and our sincere appreciation goes to our many parent volunteers, grandparents, carers, staff and children who made it all possible. From the exhilarating to the inventive, to the more thought provoking, the captivating diversity of presentations, artefacts, room design and activities caught the children’s interest and sparked enjoyment. The...

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