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Our regular blogs will keep you up to date with what is happening at Samakee!

Progress Update New Building

The attached images show the progress that has been made on our new teaching block. We are on track to conclude the project in late April and anticipate performing our third concert this year in the new hall. The following images track the most recent progress and information about classrooms, specialist rooms and sports areas. The Foyer: Adjacent to the Hall, the...

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Home School Link Letter

IMG_2771 Communication from school to home and home to school remains a priority and this week, you will receive your child’s second Home School Link and Curriculum Map for the academic year. This document reflects the learning needs of the children in our three schools, First, Middle and Upper and...

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A Year to Remember

A year to remember: 12 things we have truly been grateful for in 2014 at Samakee.

January 2014

DSC_0226_mini We are grateful for the educational visits outside the classroom that are a vital element of every child’s development at Samakee and an integral part of the English National Curriculum. The annual residential trip...

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Music and Celebration

Music plays an important role in our lives no matter what country or nationality we are from. Music is often used to mark special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, cultural festivities, marking special dates and other significant seasonal celebrations. Think of your own traditions and usually you will agree that music itself often describes the special event or connects us...

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Blue Butterflies Visit River Redwood

The Wicked Witch, The Gingerbread Man and the Blue Butterflies visit River Redwood. Over the past four weeks River Redwood class have been learning, about a range of traditional tales. They have stepped into the shoes of their favourite characters, acted out the exciting events in the story, baked their own gingerbread men and even had a visit by the wicked...

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NASA Adventure

The Northern Lights blast off to the NASA adventure The Northern Lights were able to apply their knowledge of Space and space travel first hand last week when they visited the NASA Human Adventure exhibition. It was fantastic to see real parts of rockets, astronaut suits and moon buggies. We really did feel like experts looking at the exhibits, as we have...

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Northern Lights Poetry

Mrs Anna has been awed and amazed at the wonderful poetry produced and performed by the Northern Lights class. They used a variety of beautiful imagery, poetic devices and fantastic vocabulary to write some very moving poems. As if that wasn't enough, the Northern Lights then decided to challenge themselves further and perform their wonderful work to a real audience. Bravo Northern...

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Samakee Recycling Station!

How can we help to reduce, reuse, and recycle to help you, your community and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources? By RECYCLING!!! Please do not forget about our ‘Samakee Recycling Station.’ The Eco Warriors are starting a new strategy to help encourage people to recycle. Every morning an Eco Warrior member will be at the recycling station monitoring who...

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First School Puppet Play

A selection of colourful puppets, a simple puppet theatre and an enthusiastic adult are great resources for children to foster their language skills and vocabulary. As children become absorbed in their imaginative play, they learn to listen to others, to take turns and to talk in a range of situations and scenarios. Initially, puppet play is based on the children’s...

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Communication and Language

This area of learning focuses on using communication, speaking and listening skills in different situations and for different purposes. In First School, we place a strong emphasis on listening and attention, understanding and speaking. In a variety of ways, we plan imaginative opportunities for children to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings in all curriculum areas.

Creating an...

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