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Our regular blogs will keep you up to date with what is happening at Samakee!

House Competition

There was much excitement across Primary last Wednesday as we got together in our ‘houses’ for the first time of the year. For those who don’t know what a ‘house’ is, the best place to turn is to Harry Potter! At Hogwarts, ‘Gryffindor’, ‘Ravenclaw’, ‘Hufflepuff’ and ‘Slytherin’ compete against each other to win points, to play Quidditch and ultimately to...

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Fantastic Gymnastics

At St. Andrews, we believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. Each key stage unit provides a wide range of experiences for children outside the classroom, throughout their education at Samakee. Last week week Year 2 and Year 3 visited the Thai-Canadian...

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Our Light Table

Our new light table arrived at school last week and it was a pleasure to see how the children responded to this new addition to our provision. Intent and absorbed, the children explored independently, in pairs and in small groups. Once captivated by the light table, they stayed focused for long periods of time. The light, shadow and colours attracted...

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Pirates Treasure Shop

‘Ahoy, me hearties, will ya be helpin’ me buy some treasure from our Pirate Shop?’ In the Maths room we have a new and exciting Pirate Shop for us to play in. We have been having lots of fun shopping for our treasures, purchasing them from the shop keepers and then playing with our treasures in the market area. There has been...

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Congratulations to our Graduate Students

This week, following their final teaching practice, we said a fond goodbye to four students who are now fully qualified teachers! After six months of hard work at Samakee we were sad to say farewell but we celebrated this important occasion with the children, the teachers and an ice-cream party! Did you know that in 2010 St Andrews Samakee become a...

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Encouraging Healthy and Active Lifestyles

In PE sessions at St Andrews Samakee, we encourage healthy and active Lifestyles! Taking part in regular physical exercise is an important part in getting healthy and remaining healthy. By encouraging our children to be regularly active, we instill good habits for life. The benefits of regular exercise are huge, check out some of them below: - It will help grow...

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PE Blog

At St Andrews Samakee, PE sessions in early years up to Year 2 have a FUNdamental Movement Skill focus. The development of these important physical skills will help prepare our young students for the transition into Key Stage 2 and beyond. Activities are designed to deliver Agility, Balance and Coordination in a fun, challenging and structured way. Year 1 have...

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Self Service Snack in EYFS

In the Early Years we learn to become independent and self sufficient. We are encouraged to do things for ourselves. For example, we carry our own bags, dress ourselves, tidy up and serve ourselves at snack times. At school we also get to make our own snacks too, for example, sandwiches, toast, cereal, etc. The milk jugs are only a...

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Introducing our Class Names

At the beginning of very year, year groups choose a ‘special name’ for their class in order to establish a unique identity for the cohort of children. This tradition helps the children to feel safe and secure with a strong sense of belonging to their new classroom environment, new group of friends and teachers. This morning at our whole school...

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Parent and Toddler Group

At our school the first steps begin in our Parent & Toddler Group. Emphasising social and personal growth, the toddler group is a vital first experience in a child centred environment beyond the family and home. Hands on activities in our integrated environment encourage enjoyment and exploration and focus on toddlers learning to work, play and co-operate with others. A self-service...

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