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Call-and-Response Singing

In our FSK Music Topic  “Call-and-Response”, the children went to the “local market”. The market was set up in the music room for the children to buy and sell fruits, vegetables and bread. Singing their questions and answers individually, while moving playfully through the market, the children learned some serious music concepts. For example:

  • Call-and-response – individually and in a group.
  • Musical form  (song-speech-song) – group work
  • Improvisation (negotiation at the market) – individually
  • Rhythmic pattern (clap and tap the item from the market) – working individually and in a group.
  • Body percussions  – (put together all the purchases and tap and clap in pairs) – working with a partner.

Play is a vital part of a child’s natural behaviour; while playing we all learn more… faster, deeper and happier!

Welcome to our Music class!

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