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St. Andrews Samakee, like many other schools, has a school uniform and rules on appearance. We believe that our school uniform plays an important role in contributing to the ethos of our school and that it sets a suitable tone.

Children are expected to wear our school uniform and to abide by Our School Dress Code

We believe that uniform can inspire:

  • pride in our children;
  • contribute towards positive behaviour and discipline;
  • encourage identity with, and support for, our school ethos;
  • ensure that all our children feel comfortable and welcome;
  • protect children from unnecessary peer pressure to dress in a particular way;
  • and nurture positive relationships between different groups of children.

Most of all, we believe that school uniform supports effective teaching and learning.


Children must observe the following guidelines:

  • Children must wear the uniform appropriate to their year group and activity.
  • Children must wear their uniform when participating in school trips and on any occasion when they are representing the School.
  • Clothes must be smart, clean and well cared for.
  • Hairstyles must be neat and tidy, with natural colouring. Long hair must be tied back for PE and swimming.
  • Watches may be worn, providing they are not bulky on the child’s wrist.

Jewellery / Accessories:

For safety reasons, no jewellery or fashion accessories are to be worn other than for medical or religious reasons. For children with pierced ears, only appropriate small stud earrings may be worn.

Makeup and Cosmetics:

Makeup and nail varnish are not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform.

T-shirts / Leggings or Trousers:

Brightly coloured T-shirts, leggings or trousers that are visible under uniforms should not be worn. White vests, tights or cycling shorts of a neutral colour may be worn under uniforms if desired.

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