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Crazy Experiments in Early Years

Early Years had a very exciting Science Week.

Every morning we got together as a team to witness some pretty crazy experiments. We had Ms Tabietha making explosions out of coke and mentos, Mr Iain measuring and chasing shadows, Mr Sethi walking on eggs and Ms Kylie attempted to suck an egg through a glass bottle.

We then had integrated filled with loads of fun science experiments and activities. Some of these included glitter explosions, a mud kitchen, exploring magnets, planting seeds, making slime, cooking, spice painting, ice/salt sculpting, crayon resist paintings and many more. In our class we had time to explore even more science activities. In FSK we looked at hot air balloons and how hot air rises. We did an experiment where we blew up a balloon using hot water, then we had fun making our own hot air balloons. We also worked hard at writing our own recounts about some of the science experiments.

In FSS one of our activities was looking at clouds and how when there is too much water inside a cloud it begins to rain. We had fun making ‘clouds in a jar’ and even made a real cloud in a bottle. After reading the book ‘little cloud’ by Eric Carl we went outside to lie down in the grass and observe the different shapes of clouds in the sky. There were circles, lines, flowers and we even saw a dog!

In FSI the children enjoyed studying the ‘magical’ world of magnetism. We looked at what materials were attracted to magnets. Noting that it was metal the children also noted that some metals were strangely not attracted. We noted that magnets have a north and south pole and that different poles attract and like poles repel. We suspended a bar magnet and observed that the magnet always aligned itself north to south, just like our compass, as our planet acts like a giant magnet due to the amount of iron in the Earth. It was fun!

In FSL our class enjoyed many opportunities to learn about growth and change as we visited the school garden plot. We planted lemon grass and went to water it and observe the growth. Then we planted small red onions inside bottles. These have been hung on the fence and can be seen growing as you walk by, so take a look. The children have had so much fun digging and exploring the garden these past two weeks that we have decided to make this an ongoing project to give them a chance to experience planting and working and then the final outcome when a plant has formed flowers or fruit.

In FST we took great pleasure in experimenting with vinegar and baking powder and decided that it was our favourite activity during Science Week. We added food colouring to make it even more exciting and to get the full affect. We used all our senses during the experiment, smelling the vinegar, observing closely, touching the bubbles as it fizzed and listened carefully to the sounds it made. We all loved the eruption but none of us liked the smell of vinegar! In the water world we had activities related to floating and sinking and the Purple Rockets took advantage and explored this concept through a range of activities. We loved making predictions before testing, shouting our ideas and watching carefully to see if we got it right. The Purple Rockets loved Science Week and can’t wait to have more opportunities to do more experiments!

We had so much fun being mad scientists and we hope that you have tried out some of the experiments that the teachers put on Edmodo and Orbit!

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