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Early Years and Nursery Rhymes

In early years we love Nursery Rhymes and rhyming stories and we enjoy the rhythm and the melody of rhymes. We learn so much through rhymes both related to language and other skills. Many rhymes include concepts that are used in maths and EY2 have become really confident at adding and taking away through ‘Five Little Monkeys’, ‘Ten Little Indian Boys’, ‘Ten on the Bed’, etc. Many of us started eating green peas after learning the rhyme ‘Five Green Peas!’

We hope you all enjoyed our EY2 assembly focusing on some of our favourite rhymes last week. Performing nursery rhymes in the assembly gives your child practice and confidence to speak in front of an audience. They also had a wonderful time practicing together. They all took turns being different characters as well as acting out other Nursery Rhymes such as ‘Humpty Dumpty’, ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and ‘Little Miss Muffet’.

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