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Earth Day 2015

This year at St-Andrews Samakee Earth Day was in the hands of the Eco Warriors, our environmental action group. After much deliberation and idea sharing, the Eco-Warriors decided that Earth day should be celebrated through the medium of music. Each class would be responsible for creating a parody song, changing the words to raise awareness of an environmental issue. Each class were triumphant in getting their planet saving message across and there is even talk of a Samakee record deal! Top hits included

  1. Say NO to Plastic by the River Redwood Rockers,
  2. Turn that Tap off by the Northern Light Savers,
  3. Close that Door sung by the Amazon Acapellas, and,
  4. Every Tree is Awesome by the Sahara Singers.

But the celebration of our earth didn’t stop there. Year 7 shared their futuristic Earth day poetry and the whole school collaborated for a sing and sing along to some of our favourite Earth tunes. During the day activities took place around the school which involved many children designing their own re-usable cloth bag.

As the saying goes; saving water, energy and natural resources is not just for Earth Day. Lets look after our beautiful planet every day.

Happy Earth Day everybody.

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