We promise: Independent, confident, lifelong learners

Expansion Update 2 – KS3

Over the years there have been numerous additions to our school and this year will be no different, as we open Key Stage 3 and build a new building.

 ‘The school provides an outstanding environment for learning’ – CfBT Education Trust May 2012

In August 2014 we will create a KS3 where all of our students will be happy, feel safe and achieve exceptionally well. We are proud of our school and believe that we can offer an excellent child centered environment in which children can continue their studies at Samakee from Year 7 through to Year 9, ages 11-14. We are committed to creating a well-organised, safe and secure environment for our KS3 students, where there will be mutual respect between students, and between students and staff. Just as in EYFS, KS1 & KS2, respect will be fostered within a sympathetic and caring ethos where the needs of the KS3 students will be put at the centre of all support and intervention.

 ‘The school provides an outstanding curriculum’ – CfBT Education Trust May 2012

Our Years 7-9 students will follow a Key Stage 3 course designed to form the basis of a sound general education, based on the requirements of the National Curriculum of England and adapted to the needs of learners in an international environment. There will be a strong emphasis on literacy and students will be expected to make three sub levels of progress by the end of Year 7. This will be a thematic, skill-based curriculum where the aim will be to help our students develop the key skills needed to become powerful, successful learners in the future. They will spend two and a half days (or the equivalent) with their Base Tutor or Class Teacher, but will be taught Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, languages and creative subjects outside their tutor base by specialist staff; recruitment is progressing successfully for key roles.

There will be a strong link between Year 6 and Year 7 to ensure a smooth and effective transition between the Key Stages and as in all our year groups; teaching will be differentiated for different ability profiles. We are delighted to welcome a new member to our Senior Leadership Team who will lead academic support and intervention across the school.

‘Standards that students’ reach and the progress they make during their time at St. Andrews Samakee are outstanding’ – CfBT Education Trust May 2012

Differentiation will be partly facilitated by setting (ability grouping) within the core subjects from Year 6 onwards, and this structuring throughout KS3 will provide the necessary stretch and challenge needed for our more able children. SEN students will continue to benefit from outstanding support both in and out of lessons including a focus on literacy where this is required. Movement will be fluid between the sets and will allow us to ‘personalise’ our curriculum to meet the needs of all of our children. This setting will take place based on internal testing (using independent tests and assessments from the UK) and our knowledge of the students learning needs. Further personalisation will occur in lessons through skilled differentiation for all students.

The new building will provide the facilities that our growing school requires. The new purpose built building will be linked to upper KS2 and will include: a new multi purpose hall, science labs, music studio and practice rooms, drama / dance studio, specialist classrooms, multi use games and sports court, office suite, reception area, lift etc.

We promise: Independent, confident lifelong learners. This is the commitment we make to our parents and we will continue to ensure that it will be lived through the daily experiences of our children as we move forward with these new and exciting developments at Samakee.

Monica Sudhirak

Head of School


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