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Headteacher Message 8/2/16

Movie Night

Mums and dads, teachers and teacher assistants, office staff, volunteers and domestic staff, all came together, to create an exceptional evening for the children. The provisions organised entirely by volunteer parents were delicious and plentiful, without a doubt, contributing significantly to a hugely successful evening. The weather was pleasant, the atmosphere welcoming and the movies lots of fun resulting in many happy children, laughing, chatting, playing and relaxing while families and friends were able to socialise and enjoy the good food.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in Movie Night and to everyone that came, a very worthwhile and enjoyable event indeed.



On Wednesday, the SLT, IT staff and parents gathered in the Samakee Hall to see and experience our new VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and Parent Portal. After a brief introduction, parents eagerly explored Firefly using Chromebooks, questions were asked and answered as Firefly’s potential to improve home/school communication became apparent. The VLE will have all general information about the school that parents need, as well as all the information that children and parents need related to children’s learning. This new VLE will replace Edmodo for parents. Children and teachers may continue to use Edmodo for communication but will no longer post homework assignments on Edmodo.

On Wednesday 24th February there will be a second Parent Workshop to demonstrate this new site to interested parents. The workshop will take place in the Samakee Hall at 1:45 pm.



Punctuality for the School Bus

Recently there have been some unfortunate delays at morning pick up time because children are not ready and waiting for the bus at the agreed time. Children already seated on the bus have been kept waiting and consequently missed crucial settling in and preparation time before the start of the school day.  

Each morning, please make sure that your child leaves your house / apartment on time and is ready well before the school bus is due. If your child is not using the bus service for any reason, please inform the Metrocare Centre at 1731 as soon as possible to avoid delays for other passengers.

Please visit www.metrobus.com/schoolbusinfo for more information.

Huge congratulations to Penguin for once again being the winner of the Bromsgrove Invitational Golf Tournament Class D Girls, 2015 and 2016. 

The Senior Leadership Team

Members of the Senior Leadership Team and contact details are as follows:

First School Phase Leader (Nursery – Year 2): Tabietha Sudhirak tsudhirak@standrews-samakee.com

Middle School Phase Leader (Year 3 – Year 6): Louisa Perkins lperkins@standrews-samakee.com

Upper School Phase Leader (Year 7 – Year 8): Nicky Page npage@standrews-samakee.com

Pupil Performance Analyst: Mark Kaye mkaye@standrews-samakee.com

Inclusion Leader: Ben Weller bweller@standrews-samakee.com


Diary Dates Term 2

For term 2, 2015-2016, we have many community events and enrichment activities planned and you can see the full calendar of events on our website in ‘The Latest’ section on the Homepage. This is regularly updated.


  • 8th – Chinese New Year Assembly
  • 8th – 12th – Safer Internet Week (Safer Internet Day 9th)
  • 11th – Headteacher Forum
  • 12th – First School Assembly: FST
  • 12th – Middle / Upper School Sports Day / First School Half Day
  • 12th – PTG Bake Sale
  • 15th – 19th – Half Term Break
  • 22nd – Maka Bucha (holiday for children) / INSET Day
  • 23rd – 26th – Assessment Week
  • 24th – 26th – School Photo Days
  • 26th – First School Assembly: FSL
  • 29th – 4th March – Year 6 & KS3 Residential Trip
  • 29th – 4th March – First School Book Week
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