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International Day 2015

International Day is a big event in the school calendar and an opportunity for parents to show the children and teachers how creative they can be! On Friday 3 April, all the children will come to school dressed in national costume or national colours. The children will then be divided into groups and will visit ‘country stands’ that have been set up by parent volunteers and the students in Year 7. For the first time this year, Year 7 will be involved in International Day as country representatives. They will split into two groups and work together to produce some interesting displays, facts and activities on their chosen countries.

The ‘stand/country areas’ will be set up by volunteers inside classrooms or in the outdoor environment and will be decorated to represent a country. Each ‘stand’ or ‘country area’ will have an activity for the children to do. This may involve learning about the country (geography, history, culture, sport) playing traditional games, a craft or music activity. In addition to ‘country areas’, our International Food Hall will be set up in the Dino Diner for children to learn about and try foods from different countries.

Planning for International Day is proceeding well and more information about progress will be discussed regularly at PTG coffee mornings every Friday in the Dino Diner. If you would like to be involved in this event your help would be greatly appreciated!


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