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Kodu Game Design Club

Did you know we have some real game designers and programmers in school? That’s right. In Kodu club we have been designing AND programming our very own games.

It all started with a plan, a plan to make the best, the most exciting and most challenging game in history… Well maybe not in history, but definitely in Samakee history!

Once we had our plan it was on to the level design. Designing a level takes a lot of planning. We don’t want it to be too big nor do we want a level that’s too small. We have to think of a challenging environment and of course don’t forget, be original and creative!

After the design it was programming time – the tricky bit! Programming a computer is all about writing commands in sequence. We worked very hard and helped each other to make our computers do exactly what we wanted them to do.

Well done boys and girls, our work is far from done but I am very proud of you. You might just be the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg!


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