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KS1 Sleepover

On Monday morning our children were still talking about the fun they had at Friday’s sleepover. For some of our KS1 children, the Samakee Sleepover was their first night away from home and a huge personal achievement to be celebrated.  

This year we started the day with our Zip It lunch in celebration of Deaf Awareness week.  After that, we left for the beautiful ‘Suan Som Dej’ park where the children enjoyed a walk around the park – motivating each other, and sharing their scooters.  The children were in ability groups with the most able children completing 3 laps of the lake and others proud to make it around the lake once.

On arrival back at school it was all hands on deck to get showered and to get dinner ready.  The children were very helpful making fruit skewers which was to be their dessert.  After enjoying their tasty dinner, the children had great fun singing and dancing with their friends and teachers before they gathered around the fire in small groups to toast marshmallows.  

As the sun went down the children were delighted to see their school garden in moonlight!  Finishing their food, they got out their torches and began to explore anew this place which they clearly know and love so much.  This school, where they clearly feel so safe, was just the perfect place for their first overnight adventure.

The teachers were amazed at how easy it was to get the children into their beds!  After a story they settled into their beds.  Tired and weary, some fell straight off to sleep.  Buzzing and excited, others chatted, giggled, sipped water, went to the bathroom and finally finally fell ASLEEP!

At breakfast it was clear to see that deeper friendships, increased confidence and more bravery were just a few of the fruits the children will reap from this experience.  A big well done to all involved and to KS2 and 3 children who enjoyed their sleepover this Friday!

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