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Loose Parts Play

“Have you ever noticed that if you leave old junk lying around, kids will almost inevitably play with it?
Whether it be old cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, pieces of wood, old tires [sic], bits of rope or string, kids will use their imagination and ingenuity to make something. This may make your garden look like a junkyard sometimes, but the experience for the kids is invaluable, and it will keep them occupied for hours. Don’t try and direct the kids in their play, just let them get on with it.”

Nicholson, S, “How Not To Cheat Children: The Theory of Loose Parts”, Landscape Architecture 1971.

The First School children use their imaginations in the Loose Parts Play area at school. We provide collections of unusual objects such as shells, different sized pebbles, glass pebbles, fabric, corks, picture frames, wooden blocks, plastic lids, rattan balls and more. The children are encouraged to explore freely and sometimes to record their work through drawings. They try to represent what they have created on paper. 


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