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New Beginnings – RAFT

Leaving a place you have been rooted in for any amount of time is never easy, but making the time for proper farewells is something no one has ever regretted. Proper closure and forward thinking help pave a smooth road to transition and reduce the stumbling blocks of adjustment.

This week we have been helping children at school prepare for their transition and a new beginning wherever that may be.  As we waved flags, it was wonderful to see children recognise their country of destination and express their feelings of apprehension and/or excitement about their move.

Just as you would rope together logs to make a raft, we can make any transition smoother by remembering four RAFT basics.




Think ahead

At school we tried to do this in child-friendly ways this week.  For ‘Reconciliation’ we made sorry cookies to share with someone we may have upset, for ‘Affirmation’ we made thank you cards for our teachers, for ‘Farewell’ we made a memory page of school highlights, and for ‘Think ahead’ we filled a luggage case with objects, words and pictures to represent our new life.

As children worked and chatted with their friends and siblings they found unity and support, a safe place to process and express their feelings.  It was a powerful and meaningful experience for all involved and we hope it will help many of our children leave, transition and settle well wherever they are headed next. We will miss you all! “


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