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Open Day 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our Open Day on Thursday 30th March, prospective parents, guests and current parents, your participation was greatly appreciated. The day began in the Samakee Hall with speeches from the School Development Leader, Louisa Perkins, Key Stage 3 Phase Leader, Nicky Page and me. I spoke briefly of the different regulatory bodies that Samakee is accredited by to ensure that we continue to meet the educational standards for professional licensure; these accrediting agencies are ISQM (International Schools Quality Mark); BSO (British Schools Overseas) and OPEC (Office of the Private Education Commission). St Andrews Samakee is proud to hold Gold Accreditation Status, outstanding in all standards. In addition to these three accrediting bodies, I am delighted to confirm that following a School approval visit last term, St Andrews Samakee International School Samakee meets the requirements to register as a Cambridge School, and will shortly be joining the Cambridge School network.

I spoke of our annual London UK recruitment procedures and our commitment to thoughtful human resource planning to ensure that Samakee is supplied with the most suitable staff in the most appropriate positions at all times. The provision we provide at Samakee for August 2017 will expand with an additional four specialist posts, and these are:-

  •  A full-time French Teacher for Reception – to Year 9;
  • A Pastoral Leader who will provide information, advice, guidance and support to parents, children, and teachers. The Pastoral Leader will help people who need care and support achieve their full potential, especially in learning;
  • An EAL Leader who will be responsible for teaching students on the EAL programme and helping class teachers to teach all multilingual students effectively;
  • An Environmental Sustainability Leader who will help us to continue our sustainable journey by involving the whole school community in learning, developing lifelong sustainable practices and empowering our children to become future leaders.

Louisa Perkins, our School Development Leader, spoke of her leading role in developing Samakee’s Teacher Induction Programme and the attention required to provide new teachers with early and adequate support to settle successfully and happily into a new school environment, country and culture. Louisa also takes the lead in managing ongoing professional development for all staff to keep our teachers up-to-date on new research on how children learn, emerging technology tools for the classroom, new curriculum resources, and more.

It has been an exciting year for our first Year 9 students, and there have been many firsts for our Year 9 graduating class. Nicky Page, our KS3 Phase Leader, spoke of the wealth of opportunities Year 9 have had in Key Stage 3 to develop not only academically but as individuals in our school community and beyond. She also mentioned with delight, that our Year 9 students outstanding academic ability are rewarded with places in top International Schools with some students being awarded scholarships because of their excellent performance in entrance examinations.

Our Year 9s have demonstrated a willingness to learn and to work within our community, and through extracurricular programmes, they are involved in activities that will improve their practical application academic achievements while still gaining necessary qualifications.

These include:

IGCSE English First Language Exam

Our Year 8/9 students will sit an IGCSE English First Language exam in May, and every one of them did well in their recent mock exams, externally moderated to ensure consistency of marking. This success is an extraordinary achievement for any group of children and made all the more impressive given these examinations are to be taken a full two and in some cases three years early.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Students in Year 9 are engaged in the Duke of Edinburgh Award this year, and in June undertake the final component of the Bronze Award – an “Adventurous Journey.” As part of the Course, students must complete four components – Volunteering, Physical, Skills, and an Expedition.

As a school, we are very much aware of the importance of teaching “life skills” for the children’s future in the workplace, the key attributes employers look for are leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, communication, confidence, consideration and the ability to learn.

While these speeches were taking place, the children and their teachers broke into their various groups and embarked on their Open Day timetable with excitement and purpose.

The children, teachers, and staff did a magnificent job, participating in, organising and running this busy social and educational event. The children behaved impeccably, in spite of the distraction of many unfamiliar observers in their midst and an entirely different schedule. Irrespective of the visitors, they pressed on with their learning as they rotated through more than fifty various activities including, Science, Maths, English, Guided Reading, Geography, Thai, PSHE, Debate, Drama, Swimming, Dance, Music, Word Wizards, Integrated, etc.; we are so proud of them!

Our Year 9 Student Ambassadors must not be forgotten as they did an outstanding job escorting visitors around the school, their self-assurance and pride in their school was impressive and commented on appreciatively by many guests!

The day ended with creative writing as KS3 launched into the final event of the morning, a Creative Arts Assembly performed for the children and guests. A delightful end to an eventful day and an opportunity to enjoy readings from Year 5, Year 8 and Year 9; The Apple Tree from FSL; Dancing in the Soi from all of the KS3 students and an excerpt from the KS2 end of year concert, Scheherazade, performed by Year 4 and Year 6 children.

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