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Samakee Library

Our school library now has more than 10,000 Books and is constantly growing. The children love visiting the library, and we are delighted with our children’s enthusiasm for reading. Please be sure to visit soon!

Our school library has many wonderful new books as well as many well-loved books, which makes responsible book care an important part of our libraries ongoing success. At St. Andrews Samakee, we believe that you must read to succeed. All children need to read or be read to daily along with visiting the library regularly and local bookshops whenever possible.

Our children learn very quickly how to use Junior Librarian and to Borrow, Return and Reshelf books independently. As our children become proficient using the Samakee Library they need to abide by our Book Care Rules.

Please read and discuss our expectations below with your child.

Borrowing Books at School:

  • Children are allowed to check out up to eight books each week.
  • Children must bring their library bag to the library when borrowing or returning books.
  • Books must be returned after one week. Books can be returned on your child’s weekly Library Day, before or after school or at playtimes.
  • Our librarian processes all returned books by scanning the barcode inside. If the librarian or a teacher is not available the books should be put in the box labelled RETURN THE BOOKS HERE.
  • No other books may be borrowed if your child has any late books.
  • If a book is lost or damaged, the child must pay a minimum of 500 Baht to replace it. In the event that a lost book is found within the term the book was lost, a full refund will be given.
  • From Year 1 onwards, the class teacher tells the children which Colour Band to choose from. Children select their Colour Banded Reading Books from the library and are encouraged to change their books regularly throughout the week. Parents with younger children in early years or KS1 are urged to help their child with this routine, if possible.
  • Please take some time to discuss the types of books you want your child to be reading. They need to know your expectations.

Book Care Rules:

  • Keep books clean; wash hands before touching.
  • Keep books in a safe place away from babies, pets, food and liquids.
  • Turn pages carefully from the corner and use a bookmark to mark your place. Never write or draw in a book.
  • When you are not reading your books, keep them in your library bag or in your classroom at school.





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