We promise: Independent, confident, lifelong learners

Bon appetite children!

Lunch and Snacks at Samakee

Lunchtime can be fun or stressful for a child, and at Samakee we believe it should be a positive and happy experience. Sitting with a friend or familiar adult is very important, and children are encouraged to choose where and with whom they would like to sit. It is also vital that teachers enhance healthy eating behaviour with consistent practice in behavioural expectations and routines.

Eating a Rainbow Plate’ is encouraged daily and children who choose a colourful plate of salad, vegetables and fruit are praised and children who do not are reminded to return to the salad bar.

We make it easy for our children to help themselves to healthy snacks and drinks and promote independence as well as healthy choices. In First School, children manage snack time independently, accessing appropriate crockery and cutlery then making healthy choices? Some use knives confidently to slice a variety of fruits and vegetables, some make their toast and sometimes their own sandwiches.

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