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Random Act of Kindness Week

The children in EYFS worked hard all week. They baked cakes and cookies, made friendship necklaces, wrote ‘thank you’ cards, made party hats, and created beautiful bouquets of flowers for staff in the school. We decorated the hall and invited the domestic staff to join us while we sang and danced two of our favourite songs for them. We said thank you in both English and Thai, and the best part was when we gave them all our handmade gifts and food. Some children laid the table, some served food, others handed out gifts and cards. We were very proud when we could walk around with our little trays and cleaning cloths ready to wipe up any spillage or crumbs on the floor or the table. We watch the staff do this for us every day at school and this time we had a chance to do it for them. The staff appropriately spilt drinks and dropped crumbs all over the table and the floor. The children took so much pleasure in cleaning up for the staff who help them every day and in return received so many words of thanks from the staff.

After this little party, the children went off in small groups to give out all the gifts to staff who could not be at the party. The children visited the school office to thank everyone, they stopped by the school kitchen with their homemade cookies and cakes, they found all the guards, they found Ms. Nara and Ms Pat in their usual places in the library and last but not least, all the TAs and LSAs in the school.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all the children and staff in EYFS for such an amazing week of kindness.

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