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Residential Trips at Samakee

Residential trips are an integral, and incredibly popular, element of our curriculum here at Samakee. The trips not only provide an alternative environment for supporting classwork, but the overnight stays offer a wealth of other learning opportunities. Children develop confidence, independence and maturity among other crucial life skills, in a safe and exciting way. We work closely with different experts in the area of Outdoor Education to offer a varied Residential program, starting in Year 3.

Prior to attending these trips, children take part in a question and answer session with those who have previously attended the trip they are about to embark on. The older children share stories and tell tales of their trip, as well as answer questions that the younger children may have. Many of these questions revolve around what the bedrooms are like, how good the food is and how much you might miss home while you are away! The answers can usually be summerised quite neatly as ‘really cool’, ‘yummy and delicious’ and ‘you won’t think about home once because you’ll be so busy having fun!’.

This session is a wonderful opportunity for the older children to reflect fondly on last years trip and for the younger ones to replace any anxiety about staying away from home with excitement and a longing to go right away!


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