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Samakee Bike Track

Biking is an important part of physical literacy for almost every child and just as we want children to be able to run, jump, climb, throw a ball, or swim, we want them to learn to ride a bike. Riding a tricycle is a basic physical activity that most children should learn from a young age and gradually build on for their future lives.

An element of risk, particularly physical, is an essential part of a balanced and happy childhood, and the ‘Samakee Bike Track’ was established more than ten years ago to provide this essential element as well as many other skills. While pedaling and steering bikes, our children learn to develop physical skills, stamina, they build confidence and learn how to cooperate, negotiate and to take turns. Importantly, the bike track has had a very safe track record because the children learn how to take care of each other and how to pay attention to traffic.

During the school day, when parents have gone home, the path becomes a bike track for playtimes, some integrated sessions and early years PE lessons. At these times, children have the right of way and for safety reasons bike traffic is a one-way system. Adults wishing to walk on the bike track must pay due attention to bike traffic, give way to bikes, walk on the grass as appropriate and or step back when bikes approach. Careful attention to bike traffic is very important because it is difficult for children carrying passengers to stop their bikes suddenly.

The bike track is open every day at playtimes. All adults wishing to walk on the bike track must obey the following rules:

– take notice of bike traffic

– give way to all traffic at the following times, 10:00-10:30 am., 12:20-12:40 pm.    

Please remember, it is difficult for young children carrying passengers to stop suddenly and or steer around a pedestrian.

Please note that with a very few exceptions, the tricycles and scooters at Samakee are for First School children only. Children are not allowed to use the tricycles and scooters before and after school when parents and carers are using the path to access the buildings and escorting their children to and from classrooms. Children are also not allowed to use the bikes on rainy days when the grass is wet, and the red flags are flying.

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