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Samakee Survival Skills!

The final part of Term 2 has begun with a flurry of exciting in the form of our whole school topic, Samakee Survival Skills. During the next eight weeks, children from Early Years up to Year 6 will be taking part in what we hope will be a most memorable unit of work to learn valuable life skills. This will range from everyday activities such as cooking, making a bed and tying shoe laces, to more adventurous survival challenges including starting a fire with natural resources, using electricity safely and persevering on a long hike. In addition to these thrilling tasks there will be a school sleepover for Primary children and an enterprise week!

In EYFS, the children will enjoy exploring and focusing on a range of important life skills that we believe they should develop by the age of five for example, helping with tidying up, washing their own dishes, sweeping, mopping, dressing and undressing independently, dusting low shelves and objects, using different machines such as a washing machine, a toaster, a CD player, etc. The children will explore this exciting unit of work through a range of role play scenarios as well as investigating real objects at our new ‘tinkering’ table. The children will learn about tools, what they are for and how to use them safely. Cooking and gardening will continue to be some of our favourite activities in the early years.

For Primary, the central core of this topic will be the ‘The Dangerous Deeds’. The Dangerous Deeds are a set of challenges which teach children about risk taking, failure, injury, embarrassment and of course, danger! Children will work in their houses to earn stamps in their Dangerous Deeds Passbook every Thursday when there will be a choice of 14 different ‘deeds’ on offer to chose from. Deeds will include things such as holding a spider, using a power tool, making a hot drink, performing a Shakespeare speech and building a bivouac to name just a few.

The Dangerous Deeds are based on The Dangerous Curriculum written by the UK education consultant Chris Quigley who, in line with our own school ethos, has identified a need to equip children with the skills essential for life in an ever-changing, risk abundant world. All activities will be adapted to suit all ages of Primary children and led in small groups by knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Activities will enable children to manage their own risk-taking, avoid injury, work as part of a team, deal with embarrassment and avoid danger, all within a structured and secure environment.

Keep checking our school website and Facebook page for Samakee Survival Skills updates which will be coming soon!


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