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School Event Calendar

For term 2, 2015-2016, we have many community events and enrichment activities planned and in this blog, you can see a brief overview of some key school events scheduled for this term. The full calendar of events is on our website in ‘The Latest’ section of the Homepage. ‘The Latest’ will regularly be updated.

January 14th Wai Kru or Teacher Appreciation Assembly: This assembly in the first week of term, is an opportunity to show our gratitude to all our teachers for their hard work and teaching. Children are invited to bring flowers from home to give to teaching staff; any flower that is readily available is appropriate for this event. 

January 21st – 29th  – Year 3 – 5 Residentials: Samakee’s annual residential trip season begins in January and starting from Year 3 onwards; children will take part in residential visits. Meticulously planned and relevant visits are a wonderful opportunity for children to develop confidence and build greater bonds with their peers. Education outside the classroom is a vital element of every child’s development, and it is an integral part of the English National Curriculum.

January 27th – First School Sports Day and 12th February – Middle / Upper School Sports Day: More information about these two Sports Days will be published later.  

February 5th Movie Night: The introduction of a St. Andrews Movie Night took place in the school garden in February 2010, it was a huge success and has become a regular occurrence ever since! Our PTG and Staff work hard to organise this very popular evening and as the day turns into night, families place their blankets on the lawn and settle down happily to watch movies chosen by the children.



March 15th Upper School Parent Consultations, March 16th – 17th – First & Middle Parent Consultations: Parent Consultations are held twice each year after school and inform you of your child’s progress.

April 5th International Day: Samakee International Day is a successful annual event that enriches our curriculum and overtime, focuses on the whole world, not just the countries represented in our school community. The event is fully supported by enthusiastic members of our PTG, who work in liaison with teachers to establish “countries” and related activities throughout our school environment.



March 29th – 4th  Year 6 & KS3 Residential Trip: Year 6, 7 & 8 students will fly off to the Maekok River Village Outdoor Educational Centre in Chiang Mai Province in Northern Thailand. The children and their teachers will experience five days of quality ‘out of door’ educational experiences, focusing on outdoor activities and academic fieldwork and led by experts.

May 13th First School Sleepover: Year 1 & 2’s Sleepover is a very special experience, for some the first night ever away from home; it is an opportunity to build deeper friendships, increased confidence and more bravery as they spend a night at school with friends and teachers.  



May 19th Samakee Open Day: Every year in May, we hold an Open Day at Samakee to showcase teaching and learning at our school. This event gives parents and prospective families the opportunity to see the school in action, tour our facilities and talk with our Senior Leadership Team.

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Busking Day 2015 

May 27th Summer Show performed by Middle School: Following Upper School’s fantastic performance of Oliver in November and a delightful Christmas Concert ‘Sugar Plum’ by First School in December it will be the turn of Key Stage 2. Details of this show will be available later in the term.

June 3rd Busking Day, Community Action: Following the enormously successful December Christmas Bring and Buy Sale, organized by Columbus House, we are looking forward to another Community Action Event in Term 2.   

June 8th School Reports: At Samakee there are two reporting periods during the academic year, the Interim Report that was sent home in December and the End of Year Report that will be sent out in June. In Early Years we will continue to keep you informed of progress via Orbit Family and summarised in December and sent home in June as an End of Year Report.


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