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Science Week 2015

There was an extraordinary emphasis on Science this week across the whole school from FS1 right up to Year 8, finished off by an amazing assembly from Years 2, 5, 7 and 8.

Everywhere we turned there was Science being discussed, demonstrated, experimented with and challenged. It was integrated into cross curricular subjects with both teachers and students making links to everyday life. Teachers demonstrated WOW Science every morning to engage the students interest; with experiments such as “Elephant Toothpaste,”  and rocket launching.

     Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant Toothpaste

In Early Years, the children got involved incolour play, making and even “walking ongloop.” Years 1 and 2 studied colour changes, with lots of hands on experimental work, Year 3 looked closely at Thomas Edison and his inventions – then invented a wheeled vehicle that could be modified to perform different tasks. Year 4  Investigated air resistance through paper helicopters and plastic parachutes as well as water resistance – dropping different shapes through water. Year 5 studied water evaporation patterns and Year 6 separation of solutions and how salt crystals are formed. Year 7 and 8 had Sports Science as a focus in PE and Dance – even carrying out a practical on testing sports drinks for sugar content.The students used heart rate results to make graphs and study data in Maths. They learnt about the history of medicine and the role of women in Science. In Art, they looked at patterns sound can make at different frequencies, using glitter. And Music embraced us with many Science songs for all ages.

During Science lessons, Years 3 – 8 became Forensic Scientists for the week, using Chromatography, Fingerprinting and Fiber Analysis to solve the crime of “The Missing Cup Cakes!”. Year 8 helped lead these investigations to Years 3, 4 and 5 and found out what it meant to be a Science Teacher.

A magnificent week – well done everyone!

Miss Gemma James Science and Maths Teacher/Coordinator

 Science is Everywhere sung by Year 2 at Assembly:

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