We promise: Independent, confident, lifelong learners

SMARTS Homework Showcase

Last Friday, we held a SMARTs (Self Motivated, Ambitious, Reflective Tasks) Homework Showcase in the courtyard, quadrangle and sala. Families, children, teachers, came together to celebrate the children’s work; on display were some truly splendid homework examples that highlighted and endorsed our 7 key values. The children’s project-work was appreciated, examined thoroughly, and admired by all ages!

Our objective with this new approach to homework through Samakee SMARTS is to promote independent learning beyond the classroom, in an inspirational and imaginative way. At Samakee we have moved away from traditional style homework because we want to rekindle children’s enthusiasm for learning, to cultivate and encourage children’s talents, skills and interests in all areas.

At our school, we believe that homework should be only a small part of children’s free time. We know that after a busy school day, there must be a good balance between activity, play and family. Children’s free time must include time to participate in school clubs, to play, to socialise, to be physically active and to enjoy quality family time.

We want to encourage our children to work towards even greater creativity. Having experienced such impressive results during the first SMARTS block, we are hopeful that children, their families, are now fully engaged with, and committed to our new Homework Policy. As the children proceed with the second block of Samakee SMARTS Homework this term, we hope that this showcase will have inspired everyone while building on children’s confidence and self-belief.

We can’t wait for the next SMARTS Showcase in December!

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