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Year 3 Ancient Egypt

In Year Three we are enthralled by our current topic on Ancient Egypt. Our project started with an exciting twist as we travelled back into history on our Timeline Time Machine until we landed in Egypt in the year 3000BC.

“Even though it was pretend, the time machine was so fun and we learned just how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived. They came before the world wars, before the Greeks and the Romans and even before Jesus and Buddha were born.” Mats

Since then we have carried out all sorts of activities to help us really understand life in the amazing time of Ancient Egypt.

“In Literacy we learned how to write descriptive poems. I worked very hard with my partner Nicolas to describe ancient secrets from Egypt and we even used similes, alliteration and rhyming.” Penguin

“I am really proud of how well I presented the Egyptian God that I invented. I also think I wrote a great myth and presented that carefully too by tea-staining the paper to make it look ancient.” Mai

In our houses, we are having a competition to see which house can build the best pyramid to make Pharaoh Khufu happy. Just like the Ancient Egyptians who built the real pyramids at Giza, we had to cooperate as a team and discuss our plans before starting.

As well as all of this, we have learned how to write in hieroglyphs to create our own cartouche, acted out a day in the life of a pyramid builder, solved Egyptian Maths puzzles, created death masks for a pharaoh and learned Egyptian dances. We are currently working on two Design Technology projects to make a mummy and its coffin and a canopic jar.


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