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Year 5 Residential Blog

Year 5 have returned safely from their recent residential trip to Kanchanaburi. There were two main objectives for this trip; first to extend their knowledge of World War 2 in Thailand and second, to build their sense of independence and cooperation. It has been a delight to spend these four days with a class that were mature, polite, hardworking and simply so much fun to be around.

I think that the trio can be summarised well by linking it to our school’s key values in the form of some of the ‘I Words’-

Inquisitiveness: the children asked in depth and interesting questions to extend their knowledge of World War 2 in Thailand.

Individuality: pupils learnt to overcome challenges independently such as organising  themselves for the day ahead.

International: students were encouraged to share and overcome challenges as a team; effective communication played a vital role in this.

Imaginative: the children used their imaginations to try to picture the terrible conditions that the prisoners of war suffered while constructing the Death Railway.

Intrepid: the pupils were encouraged to challenge themselves physically (walking steep slopes in the heat) and emotionally (understanding the suffering that POWs endured during construction of the Death Railway).


Miss Na and I would like to thank all Year 5 pupils for a successful trip. We have seen such progress in the pupils over the last term academically, socially and personally; this week has provided the children the opportunity to develop into the young adults that they will become.


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