7 years to 10 years

Middle School Curriculum

‘The curriculum is outstanding throughout the school. It meets the requirements of the framework for the early years foundation stage and the national curriculum for England for primary and key stage 3.’ – ISQM Accreditation Report May 2018

At St. Andrews Samakee we refer to children from ages 7-10 years as Middle School children or Key Stage 2. Middle School covers Years 3 to 5. It is during these years that the children consolidate and build upon the skills that they began acquiring in the First School. Our dedicated teachers inspire and challenge children to achieve their personal best. At St. Andrews Samakee, we value and nurture individual needs. At the same time, a small child-teacher ratio ensures that the talents of every child are recognised, fostered and celebrated in a caring yet challenging environment. Courtesy and thoughtfulness towards others are emphasised through-out the school and the friendly, family atmosphere ensures that each child flourishes and feels secure.

Our curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum and then adapted to suit the needs of our learners in an international environment. Subjects are integrated where appropriate, and learning is blocked into exciting, relevant topics. 

Topic examples for Middle School are:

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