Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility

Samakee is fully committed to ensuring that consistent, effective safeguarding procedures are in place to support families, students and staff at school.

Children have a right to be cared for and protected; protecting them is everyone’s responsibility. Safeguarding children is essential to our holistic approach to ensure that children are protected from abuse and neglect and that every child reaches their full potential. Here at St Andrews International School Samakee, we have a duty of care to ensure all school users are safe from harm. We are committed to providing a secure and supportive environment where children can develop and grow into mature and responsible people.

What you can do
Parents and carers play a role in safeguarding children in their community. If you have any concerns, no matter how small, you should report them to someone who you trust will listen. The school must have a designated child protection officer for this purpose. Parents and children should speak to the safeguarding officer if they have concerns about a child or staff member.

Safeguarding Role


Role in School

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Tabietha Sudhirak

EYFS Phase Leader

Deputy Safeguarding Leads

Alyssa Pay

Hannah Ridd

Nicky Page

Monica Sudhirak

Inclusion Leader

Middle School Phase Leader

Upper School Phase Leader


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