a Unique School
St Andrews Samakee International School is small and inclusive by design

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Excellent curriculum
Helping children grow into happy healthy and confident adults

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Nurturing and valuing
Environmental mindfulness is prominent and developed successfully

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truly child-centred
An extremely caring atmosphere where children are happy and highly successful

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admissions and enrolments

Our school is available to all nationalities of children aged from Walkers -14 years, Little Learners – Year 9. Little Learners: Walkers – 2 years attend three two-hourly two mornings per week.

Location: 43 Soi Tiwanond 48, Tiwanond Rd., Nonthaburi

Telephone: 0 2952 4068 / 0 2952 4003

Mobile: 084 427 8277

Email: admissions@standrews-samakee.com

Independent, confident, lifelong learners

In Nursery and Kindergarten, we provide flexible attendance times, and our youngest children may attend for a minimum of three sessions per week, increasing these as required. Any changes to attendance days or times are subject to consultation with the class teacher and the availability of places.

First School

(Walkers to 6 Years)

Key Stage 1

(5 Years to 7 Years)

Middle School

( 7 years to 10 years)

Upper School

(10 years to 14 years)


Samakee Mission & Vision 

To develop independent, confident lifelong learners 

St. Andrews International School Samakee offers an education that extends beyond the English National Curriculum and embraces the learner-centred principles of the International Baccalaureate. Our philosophy encompasses the whole child and our campus is small and exclusive by design. This allows the students to get to know all the staff in the school and our teachers are very aware of each child and their particular gifts. We place a great deal of emphasis on the development of social skills and the importance of valuing individual talents.

Our teachers are all fully qualified English speakers and are recruited for their special talent and enthusiasm for child-centred approaches and all come with a very wide range of professional experience.

At Samakee we promote 7 key values and they underpin the attitudes and characteristics of effective learning that we cherish and nurture in our children.

Here are our Key ‘I’ statements

Our goal is to help our children become inquisitive, independent, self-confident learners in an environment that has been specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

Children at Samakee are very inquisitive and use their curiosity every day to develop their understanding of how their world works. We teach them ‘how’ to learn, not just for the here and now but for the future. We make sure that they learn at their own pace and in ways that are best for them.

Our teachers are reflective practitioners we work together constantly to develop our understanding and improve the quality of our practice.  Children are actively encouraged to extend learning from their starting point as far as he or she is able. We provide the opportunity for children to go beyond expected school norms.

Every child is an individual and each child has its own unique physical, social, and intellectual characteristics. We are attentive to, and care about all the children who attend our school; we are sensitive to their needs, feelings and interests.

We have developed an integrated approach to our curriculum through cross-curricular topic webs, planned to match the needs of individuals and designed so that each child is able to develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually.

At Samakee we successfully implement a multicultural curriculum; it is broad, balanced and relevant. We celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity that makes up our school community, it is an asset, enhancing the educational environment for all our children and all the adults working with them. We value and respect all children and their families equally and there is a strong partnership between staff and parents and carers. Children with a very wide range of additional needs thrive at Samakee because learning support is meticulously matched to individual needs so that all children experience full access to our school’s curriculum.

Educating a child’s imagination is an important way to prepare children for the future. Armed with a strong sense of imagination and creativity, children at Samakee become confident problem solvers with above-average abilities. At our school, we actively encourage and support our children’s imaginations, their creativity and sense of wonder. We do this by creating an enabling environment with stimulating resources, rich learning opportunities and support for children to explore and to take risks in their learning.

We believe that children who work and play in inspirational, safe and challenging environments will take these values into adulthood and pass them onto future generations. At Samakee we do not limit learning to within the walls of our classrooms, instead, we view our outdoor and indoor areas as one learning environment.

We believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development. By providing quality-learning experiences in ‘real’ situations, children engage with other people and their environment and achievement is raised across a wide range of subjects. These experiences ensure our children become effective and motivated learners.

The innovative child is confident to engage with other people, confident to take risks, to play and explore, learn actively, creating and thinking critically. To inspire our children, Samakee provides an outstanding curriculum. Our curriculum is based on Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the National Curriculum of England.

Our curriculum has been adapted in a highly imaginative and innovative way so that it promotes high achievement and creativity. In EYFS the daily, integrated sessions are exemplary engaging the children through a wide variety of well thought out and designed learning activities, which promote individual choice and independence across all areas of learning. In Primary and Secondary our curriculum has been well adapted to meet the learning needs of children living and learning in Thailand. We follow a thematic curriculum that fits alongside subject teaching in English, Mathematics, Science and Computer Science thereby allowing students to make relevant connections across all areas of their learning.

At Samakee we provide situations that give children an acceptable challenge. Our teachers use assessment well to plan lessons and set tasks for students at just the right level so that the work is sufficiently challenging for all abilities. Activities that are slightly difficult for the child are more motivating and provide for stronger feelings of success when they have been accomplished.

Our natural outdoor learning environment is so much a part of our children’s learning experiences, it has been carefully designed, planted and resourced to provide a range of challenges and activities. Through on-going active involvement in this environment, children gain confidence, learn perseverance and develop personal qualities that impact very positively on their academic achievement.

At Samakee we don’t forget, that the habits and attitudes towards learning that are formed in these early years set the mood for all future learning.



School Policies


From the head…

Once again, we are very proud to have been awarded OUTSTANDING in all areas by EDT during two accreditations that took place in May 2023: ISQM (International Schools Quality Mark) and BSO (British Schools Overseas). It is delightful that Samakee has been recognised for the wonderful standard of education we provide and the stunning endorsements received from the visiting inspectors can be read in the following reports:

St Andrews Samakee BSO 2023

St Andrews Samakee ISQM 2023

St Andrews Samakee BSO 2018

St Andrews Samakee ISQM 2018

Monica Sudhirak

Head of School
Our School Farm

Samakee is no ordinary school as Samakee has a FARM!

We pride ourselves on our small farm, which is home to a variety of animals that include ducks, pigs, goats, rabbits and tortoises.

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Samakee farm

At Samakee we believe that we should leave the world in a better way than we found it. For us that means, taking care of and playing in our natural environment, campaigning for sustainability, planting more trees and developing our wilderness skills, after all the more beauty we see in nature, the more we want to protect it.

Through child-initiated projects, the children and their teachers have gradually transformed a small car park into a thriving farm. The children are continually building their confidence and perseverance skills as they develop our farm with different projects.

Bamboo projects

Bamboo projects – building a treehouse and duck enclosure.



Reforestation – planting and nurturing our ever growing forest on each visit.

Animal Nurture

Animal Nurture – so far, our compassionate farmers have raised many healthy ducks, five cheeky pigs, four hungry goats and a surprisingly speedy tortoise.

Samakee Life

School Virtual Tour


Social Media

Our Facebook Page Feeds




SAS Headteacher Letter – 7 Jun 24

SAS Headteacher Letter – 7 Jun 24

Dear Samakee Community, Thank you to all Samakee parents and carers for your trust, understanding, and unwavering support throughout the academic year 2023-2024. For families moving on from Samakee, we wish you happiness and success in all your future endeavours. Your...

SAS Headteacher Letter – 7 Jun 24

SAS Headteacher Letter – 7 Jun 24

Dear Samakee Community, This week has been filled with exciting events, and next week is set to be just as thrilling as we rapidly head towards the end of the academic year. And it does not end there, as Summer School 2024 is just around the corner! Summer School...

SAS Headteacher Letter – 31 May 24

SAS Headteacher Letter – 31 May 24

Dear Samakee Community, This week has been filled with exciting events, and next week is set to be just as thrilling. Some activities are open to just the students and their teachers, and others we invite you to be part of the excitement. Here's a quick look at what...

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St. Andrews Samakee International School

Location: 43 Soi Tiwanond 48, Tiwanond Rd., Nonthaburi

Telephone: 0 2952 4068 / 0 2952 4003

Mobile: 084 427 8277

Email: admissions@standrews-samakee.com

School Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am – 3:30pm



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