10th November 2023

Dear Samakee Community,

Students and staff from Year 3 to Year 9 are eagerly looking forward to our upcoming Sports Day, scheduled for Friday, November 17th. We extend a warm invitation to parents to join us for this exciting event. The activities will be held right here at our school from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

On Sports Day, students are encouraged to wear their House T-shirts along with PE shorts. Additionally, we kindly ask them to bring a water bottle and wear a sun hat to stay comfortable and hydrated during the event. We are excited to have you all with us for a fun and active day!

First School Sports Day (Nursery – Year 2) will take place in Term 2, on Wednesday 7th February 2024. 

U11 Football at SISB

On Wednesday 8th November the SAS U11 Football Team travelled to SISB for their second inter-school friendly. Nerves were settled early on with good striking goals against a spirited team. With improved teamwork and passing, SAS were able to score more goals and limit the the opposition to just two goals with good saves from both goalkeepers and some strong defending. 

Players improved in confidence and tested their stamina in the heat. 

An enjoyable and encouraging performance by all players and a good practice for the next test and tournament at Harrow at the weekend.

Teaching and Learning Highlights!

EYFS Friendships

At Samakee, we believe that the friendships formed in the early years are the foundation for a lifetime of connections and happiness. We are committed to nurturing these precious relationships, creating an environment where positive friendships flourish—a place where every child is encouraged to be kind, empathetic, and a supportive friend.

Slime Chemistry

We recently celebrated Science Week at St. Andrews Samakee, where our students delved into the chemistry behind slime! This engaging activity allowed them to become young scientists, observing the fascinating changes as they mixed in activators with glue and experimented with cornstarch to alter the texture. Through these hands-on experiences, our students explored chemical reactions and the intriguing properties of non-Newtonian fluids. It’s been an exciting journey of discovery, showing that science can be as fun as it is educational!

Year 4 and US – Science Museum Trip

Year 4 and US had a great time at The National Science and Rama IX Museum. They got to learn about a number of different scientific phenomenon and to develop their scientific enquiry skills. When we went inside, we took some time to walk around and explore the various displays and models. The different exhibits linked well with their Science topics covered in the classroom. There was a fun and exciting atmosphere, that stimulated their interest as well as knowledge and understanding. There were interactive activities and stations for students to play with. Such educational field trips and hands on experiences play an important role in guiding students towards their future careers and academic pursuits, ensuring the innovative education received at Samakee nurtures their talents and aspirations. 

Year 7 – Hundertwasser’s Artwork

In their sketchbooks, the Year 7 students have been diligently crafting a two-page spread dedicated to the Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. They have taken the initiative to research key facts about the artist, along with the sources of his artistic inspiration. Additionally, they have carefully chosen and are presently in the process of replicating their preferred pieces of Hundertwasser’s artwork.  It is a great way for students to explore other artists which should inspire their own pieces!

Science Week

During Science Week at Samakee, students across the school got to engage in science-related activities and experiments. Upper School students were allowed to research and identify science activities they would like to perform for younger students. Lots of amazing science was carried out!

Makerspace – Upper School

Upper school students in the makerspace are harnessing their knowledge of electrical circuits to create a thrilling array of games that will challenge and engage players. Look out for their completed work coming home in the new year! Great start to makerspace upper school!  

Upcoming Important Events


  • 11th November (PM) – Harrow Cup – U11 Boys Football
  • 11th/12th November – ISB Swimfest
  • 17th – Year 3-9 Sports Day
  • 20th – 21st – Music & Visual Art Workshops
  • 22nd – 24th – Year 4 Residential
  • 23rd – 24th – Year 3 Residential
  • 26th – 2nd – Hong Kong Exchange at Samakee
  • 27th – Loy Krathong
  • 28th – Spanish Day
  • 30th – Upper School Production


  • 4th – Shakespeare House Event
  • 5th – Father’s Day (no school)
  • 7th – First School Christmas Fair
  • 7th – Farmers’ Market

Middle School Growth Mindset Master

Over the last few weeks this Year 1 student has become more willing to engage with maker space and really challenge himself with the different activities. His teachers recognise that he is really pushing himself to do things he would not have done at the start of the year. Well done!

Artist of the Week

Artist of the week goes to a Year 7 Student who has shown hard work and dedication in creating an imaginative colour wheel for homework. 

Upper School Credit Certificates

Congratulations to credit earners this week!


Well done to a student in Year 8 who entered a Maths Olympiad back in Hong Kong in August. He achieved a Gold Standard award!

Monica L Sudhirak
Head of School

Head of School, Monica L Sudhirak: msudhirak@standrews-samakee.com

First School Phase Leader, Tabietha Sudhirak: tsudhirak@standrews-samakee.com

Middle School Phase leader, Hannah Riddi: hannah.ridd@standrews-samakee.com

Upper School Phase Leader, Nicky Page: npage@standrews-samakee.com

“Samakee is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all students and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.”

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