Dear Samakee Community,

Today, we celebrate the start of the much-anticipated Songkran holiday, a significant part of Thai culture. As a result, the school will be closed. We hope this break provides you, your family, and all our staff with a well-deserved opportunity to unwind and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Whether you’re planning exciting trips or simply cherishing moments of restfulness at home, we wish you all a safe and rejuvenating break. Please note that Samakee will resume its regular schedule on Thursday, the 18th of April

Songkran New Year Festival 

Today, the children celebrated the Songkran festival. Nine monks from a local temple came to the school, and after a short ceremony, children, parents, and staff offered food to be donated to local schools. 

This traditional ceremony was followed by a delightful water-splashing celebration, where children and their teachers joined in the fun. They used buckets, sponges, and hoses to splash water on their friends and teachers, creating a joyful and memorable experience! 

“Dunk the teacher”was a particular favourite, and a large tank filled with water was set up on the King Pin Court. Volunteer staff sat on a seat above the water, and the children took turns throwing balls at a target to trigger the mechanism and dunk the teacher into the water. Success at hitting the target was greeted with great enthusiasm and joy.

Songkran House Point Totals 2024

PTG Meeting – International Day

Mark your calendars! International Day is just around the corner on May 10th! It’s one of the most beloved days on the calendar, filled with costumes, culture, and delicious food from around the world! Let’s celebrate international mindedness, traditions, and languages. Get ready to embrace the diversity and unity that make our world so special!

Thank you to all the parents who joined us in the Humanities Room on Thursday to start planning this exciting event. There will be several more planning meetings after the Songkran break leading up to the big day and we hope that you can join us. The dates are:-

  • 8:00 – Thursday 18th April
  • 8:00 – Thursday 25th April
  • 8:00 – Thursday 2nd May
  • 14:30 – Thursday 9th May PM –  Setting up
  • 8:30 – Friday 10th May – International Day

Thai League 2023/24 : Muangthong United FC. vs Uthai Thani FC.

Building relations with Muangthong United FC

As part of local community spirit – SAS was invited to watch a home MTUTD match against Uthai Thani F.C., Wednesday April 3rd at the Thunderdome Stadium, Muang Thong Thani.

Our Samakee Football team were given the honour of walking out with the players before kick off, a memory that will last with them forever.

140 students, staff and family members enjoyed watching a thrilling game with the home team making a thrilling comeback from 2-0 at half time to win 5-2. Samakee parent Willian levelled the score and got his second in front of family, friends and adoring supporters.

Thank you to all those who attended and staff supporting to help organise. Also thank you to Stephen Rosemary at the club for making this possible. 

Teaching and Learning Highlights!

Einstein House Event (EYFS & KS1) – Book Swap

Our Middle School and EYFS students had a blast at the Book Swap this week! They shared their love of reading by bringing gently used books to swap for ‘new’ ones. It was heartwarming to see year 4 students reading to our Early Years students. A huge thank you to the Samakee community for your generous donations that made this event possible! 

EYFS – Calling all hungry Gruffalo fans!

Inspired by their favourite story, our little chefs are whipping up some Gruffalo-licious treats! Could it be a scoop of Owl Ice Cream, a Scrambled Snake surprise, or maybe even a roasted fox?

The creativity in the cafe kitchen is running wild! Would you be brave enough to try our Gruffalo speciality?

Year 1 – Oobleck

Children in Year 1 have been trying to find the perfect oobleck recipe. Oobleck is a suspension of cornstarch and water that can behave like a solid or a liquid depending on how much pressure you apply. Try to grab some in your hand, and it will form a solid ball in your palm until you release the pressure. Then, it will flow out between your fingers.Using syringes the children measured out different mls of water and added varying amounts of corn flour. They explored different ratios and discussed the consistency of the oobleck. They chatted about the changes of state from solid to liquid and were in awe of how oobleck can be both – a non newtonian fluid.

Einstein House Event (Upper School) – Relativ-ly Smart

To celebrate the final Einstein event of the year, the upper school put their knowledge to the test in the “Relativ-ly Smart” quiz! Students eagerly tackled 17 challenges spanning a wide range of topics and had a blast doing it.

Upper School – Hogwarts Acceptance Letters

On Monday, all Upper School students received Hogwarts Acceptance letters as part of the Samakee exchange programme! I wonder if they realised it was an April Fools prank?

Awards and Achievements

Brighton College Festival 30 & 31st March

7 Samakee students competed in this Long Course event over the weekend. Lots of personal best times, one student competing in their first ever swim meet and Medals also awarded.

BKK Prep Puppy Dash

8 students represented Samakee at the BKK Prep Puppy Dash event on Saturday. They all had a great event… lots of Personal Best times and medal winners.

Rok Cup Thailand 2024

A Year 7 student took part in the Thailand 2024 ROK Cup over the weekend. He came in the top 3 and made the podium. Well done!

Artist of the Term

Artist of the term goes to a year 7 student who has worked so hard on her self portrait adding tone with the pencil resulting in a super outcome.

Winners of the Middle School Houses for this term:  Einstein

Upper School Credit Certificates

Upcoming Important Events

SAS LINE Communication Platform

LINE is a widely used communication platform in Thailand, and it’s a platform that Samakee has been utilizing for quite some time. We encourage all our families to connect with our official SAS LINE account to ensure we can easily disseminate important school-wide updates to our entire school community.

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Monica L Sudhirak
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Head of School, Monica L Sudhirak:

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Upper School Phase Leader, Nicky Page:

“Samakee is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all students and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.”

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