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SAS Summer School is a great way to keep your child busy during part of the summer break. Students who sign up will experience a variety of creative, physical and academic activities together with their friends and teachers.

This year’s Summer School will be held in June for students from Nursery to Year 4. As indicated in the school calendar, Summer School will start on 17 June and end on Friday 28 June. The Summer School programme will run from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; however, attendance times may be flexible to meet the needs of our younger children.

The Summer School Programme is designed to meet individual learner’s needs and provide a fun and creative learning experience. The teachers will plan activities making sure they are age and developmentally appropriate. There will be ample opportunities for learning: literacy, numeracy and science, Thai language (optional for non-Thai) and various sports. Group sizes will be small, making this programme an ideal experience for existing students or an introduction to school for Little Learners moving into Nursery in August as well as other new students joining the school.

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Parent and Carers Questionnaire April 2024

Thank you for participating in our recent Parent and Carer Questionnaire. The results have provided valuable insight and your positive responses reflect the hard work we put into the school and our drive to improve your children’s experiences. 

Thank you for helping us improve. Always contact us if you feel there is something more specific we need to know/do! If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here is the link to a summary of the overall results of the April 2024 survey.  

Table Football

Upper school students have enjoyed playing with their new purchase. The table football is one of the things they bought using monies raised at the enterprise event!

Teaching and Learning Highlights!

EYFS – Little Pirate

Ahoy there! Even pirates gotta take a break for a good book sometimes. Looks like our little pirate just unearthed hidden treasure of his own – a favourite story! What book would you bring on a treasure hunt?

Year 2 – Farm Time

This week the children shared with me all of the exciting new areas on the farm as it has changed a lot since my last visit! It was lovely exploring with them and seeing how passionate they are about their varied interests and how they use this to further their learning. We have also been able to link this session to our current Science learning – Animals and Living things. We have been discussing life cycles and researching different animals, understanding which groups they belong to – reptiles/mammals/birds/fish/amphibians, and how we know by looking at their features. The farm is great for looking at examples of this with our animals!

Year 4 – Debate like an Ancient Greek

On Monday, we used and applied our knowledge from Fridays lesson about two Greek states, we debated which Ancient Greek state was better to live in. . . Athens or Sparta?!

Children worked in teams to discuss where they would prefer to live. They came up with 3 justifications to support their argument. The biggest challenge was deciding how to return or respond with a counter argument.

It was a great debate and children listened and responded well to the points made. Fantastic, Y4!

Year 8 – Equations Auction

Year 8 students took part in an exciting ‘Equations Auction’ to consolidate their algebra skills.

Teams had to battle it out to bid for the mathematical equations with the highest value. Students had a great time working together to solve the equations, and then enjoyed applying their learning to the fast-paced auction! The ‘Money Maestro’s’ came out on top after making some smart investment decisions. Well done team!  

Year 9 – Makerspace Project 

Our incredible Year 9 students are on the final Maker Space project!  They’ve chosen to leave a lasting mark on our school with a one-of-a-kind retro arcade machine.

The design phase is almost complete – they’ve meticulously planned a wooden template and selected all the necessary components. They’ll be honing their woodworking and electronics expertise, while also flexing their artistic muscles and teamwork abilities. 

Year 9 – Photographs

Year 9 students have embarked on an inspiring journey with their childhood dreams project. Through this endeavor, they’ve taken charge of crafting their own photoshoot, collaborating both independently and as a team to capture the essence of their aspirations. These photographs will serve as the foundation for their final pieces, allowing them to translate their visions into tangible creations. The enthusiasm and dedication of all students have shone brightly throughout this project, resulting in the production of exceptional photographs.

Awards and Achievements

The First Prize with Honors from International Youth Music Competitions, Atlanta, USA

Biggest congratulations for his outstanding achievement! Winning The First Prize with Honors at the International Youth Music Competitions, Atlanta, USA is an incredible feat that showcases your exceptional talent and dedication. 

Growth Mindset Master

He has a very positive attitude in Spanish, his recent trip to Spain has helped. He looks for opportunities to use the language and loves where they can take him. He is a great listener and asks lots of questions. 

Artist of the Week

Artist of the week goes to a year 9 student who has shown his amazing photography skills in the most recent project. He has then continued to show his creative flair whilst editing the photographs too. Super work! 

Upcoming Important Events

Back-to-School Survey

Thank you to those families who have already let the school and teachers know their plans for the next academic year. We understand that it may be difficult for some families to know what the future holds. Nevertheless, whatever your plans may be or however uncertain they are at this time, we ask that you please take the time to complete this questionnaire based on your most likely expectations. Thank you.

Please click the form here: Back-to-School Survey 

School Calendar 2024-2025

Please click here: SAS_School Calendar 2024-2025

SAS LINE Communication Platform

LINE is a widely used communication platform in Thailand, and it’s a platform that Samakee has been utilizing for quite some time. We encourage all our families to connect with our official SAS LINE account to ensure we can easily disseminate important school-wide updates to our entire school community. Click to add

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Head of School

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“Samakee is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all students and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.”

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