12th October 2023

Dear Samakee Community,

Next week, we are once again looking forward to Parent Consultations, and at Samakee, these meetings occur three times a year – on October 17th & 19th, February 20th & 22nd and May 28th & 30th. Following the success of offering both face-to-face and virtual meetings over the last two years, we will continue to offer these options, and parents may choose to attend either a face-to-face on Tuesday or a virtual meeting on Thursday. Please refer to your email for full details of this event.

Face-to-Face Parent Consultations – Tuesday, 17th October between 14:40 and 18:20

Virtual Parent Consultations – Thursday, 19th October, from 15:40 to 19:00

We will be using Google Calendar Appointments for these virtual consultations.

Wednesday 17th and Thursday 19th October are regular school days; nevertheless, it is important to note that due to Parent Consultations, no School Clubs are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday next week. Clubs continue as usual on Monday and Wednesday. 

During the meetings, teachers will be talking with you about your child’s progress in school over the first half-term. However,  although we have three scheduled meetings per academic year, we are always more than happy to meet with parents at any time if they have questions or concerns about their child.


This year, we will celebrate Teacher’s Day on Thursday 19th October 2023 at 8:30 a.m. It will be observed as a whole school assembly and parents are welcome to attend.  The Teacher’s Appreciation Ceremony is an opportunity to show our gratitude to all our teachers for their hard work and teaching. Children are invited to bring flowers from home to give to the teaching staff; any kind of readily available flower is appropriate for this event. Thank you!

Teaching and Learning Highlights!


At Samakee, we believe that learning should be an adventure filled with joy and excitement! 

Just like the pure delight on this little one’s face as she gets a surprise splash from behind! Our school is a place where every day is full of unexpected discoveries and big grins. 


Artistic expressions are blossoming in our Inclusion Unit! Our budding artists have been painting wonders, crafting cool collages, and diving into kinesthetic art adventures. Dive into the images to catch a glimpse of their colourful journey. Each stroke and cut tells a story of imagination, teamwork, and the joy of guided artistic exploration. We are celebrating every achievement and the endless creativity of our outstanding students!


Year 5 and 6 students have become database whizzes, creating their own Top Trumps cards that have year 3 students clamoring for more! These computer science geniuses have combined their knowledge of databases with their creative flair to create a game that is both educational and fun. The cards feature a variety of topics, from Youtubers and football teams to Roblox and movies.


Year 8 have been studying J.B. Priestley’s play, An Inspector Calls. This week we used role-play to act out a mock courtcase to see which character was most at fault for the tragic death of Eva Smith. The students did incredibly well to act out the characters and to play lawyers asking the questions. It was a very tense day in court! The question is, who was found guilty of causing Eva Smith’s death?


Using bio-luminescent sealife as inspiration for creating fluorescent prints was a fascinating and creative project for upper school students. Incorporating balloons and Styrofoam into the process adds an interesting dimension to their artwork. The use of black light to illuminate their work is a clever choice since it enhances the fluorescent properties of the prints and creates a visually stunning effect. This project not only encourages creativity but also provides an opportunity for students to learn about the natural world and experiment with different materials and lighting techniques. It is a great way to engage students in both art and science! 


The Team Einstein event represented an exceptional collaborative effort in which students joined forces to craft a remarkable weaving spectacle. It ingeniously repurposed discarded materials while integrating natural elements, resulting in a creation of profound beauty and significance. The artistry of weaving wool around twigs and utilizing wooden hula hoops to construct a canopy for exhibition within the school premises exemplified both creativity and ecological mindfulness. These endeavors not only fostered imaginative expression but also nurtured sustainability and teamwork among the student body. This event served as an invaluable platform for students to channel their creativity and make a distinctive contribution to their school’s environment.

Upcoming Important Events

Do you have a toddler under two years who would like to come and play at school? If your answer is yes, our Little Learner programme is just right for you. Sessions will resume on Tuesday the 10th of October at 8:30 am and you and your toddler are invited to attend.

Samakee’s Little Learner Group offers several valuable benefits for parents and toddlers that can ease the transition into Nursery. These benefits include:

Language development and the opportunity to develop communication skills through interactive play, singing, age-appropriate games and engagement with others. Interacting with others builds confidence and self-esteem and helps young children to manage their feelings better.

Fine and gross motor skills activities like painting, construction and outdoor play promote the development of coordination and balance as well as creativity and problem-solving skills. We hope to see you there!

Middle School Growth Mindset Master

Congratulations on being the Middle School Growth Mindset Master this week! This certificate is awarded to one of our Year 4 students for always tackling challenges with a positive attitude. She attempts tasks with a smile on her face and demonstrates a strong determination! 

Artist of the Week!

This week the award goes to one of our Year 8 student for his superb Poly print of a fish during our Glow in the dark art session.  Amazing drawing skills shown here!

Upper School Credit Certificates

Puppy Cup Swim Meet on 7 October 2023

Congratulations to all swimmers who attended the Puppy Cup Swim Meet at Bangkok Prep at the weekend. Lots of Personal Best times achieved.


LINE is a widely used communication platform in Thailand, and it’s a platform that Samakee has been utilizing for quite some time. We encourage all our families to connect with our official SAS LINE account to ensure we can easily disseminate important school-wide updates to our entire school community.

A quick reminder that tomorrow is a public holiday, school will be closed until Monday and we wish you all an enjoyable and rejuvenating long weekend!

Monica L Sudhirak
Head of School

Head of School, Monica L Sudhirak: msudhirak@standrews-samakee.com
First School Phase Leader, Tabietha Sudhirak: tsudhirak@standrews-samakee.com
Middle School Phase leader, Hannah Riddi: hannah.ridd@standrews-samakee.com
Upper School Phase Leader, Nicky Page: npage@standrews-samakee.com

“Samakee is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all students and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.”

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