Dear Samakee Community, 

On May 5th, Samakee students took part in the world’s largest online maths competition, along with millions of students from across the globe. Our children greatly enjoy mathematics, and the competition was an opportunity to unite with students worldwide to test their skills with numbers! 

Here is a summary of the top results for Upper School. 

Year 6: 

  • KS – 6th in Thailand and 
  • AB – 15th in Thailand

St Andrews Samakee ranked 4th in Thailand at Year 6 Level.Year 7: 

  • UC – 1st in Thailand (45th in the World), 
  • JP – 11th in Thailand, 
  • Pakom 15th in Thailand,
  • Albert – 18th in Thailand.
  • Phu – 19th in Thailand.

           St Andrews Samakee ranked 9th in the world and 2nd in Thailand at Year 7 Level.  Year 8: 

  • Mill T – 4th in Thailand (47th in the World) 
  • ES – 5th in Thailand (67th in the World)  
  • ZH – 7th in Thailand (89th in the world)

St Andrews Samakee ranked 8th in the world and 3rd in Thailand at Year 8 Level  Year 9+: 

  • ZS – 22nd in Thailand.

St Andrews Samakee ranked 9th in Thailand at the higher level for Year 9+Please note the following updates on our calendar:-

  • 26th May – INSET- staff training day (substitute for May 4th)        

                               -First School regular teaching day (makeup day).

  • 3rd June – HM Queen’s Birthday – Public Holiday and holiday for Middle & Upper School

                               – First School regular teaching day (makeup day). 

Colour Run for Charity
On the very last day before half term, Samakee students and teachers laced up their running shoes and took part in a colour run for charity, organised by the Nightingale team. Students from all year groups showed determination, courage and desire as they raced around the Samakee grounds. Friends and other classes covered the runners in colour while music and shouts of encouragement blasted out from the speakers. It was a wonderful day, and a worthy cause, raising over 60,000 baht for charity! 

What if I allowed you to learn about anything you wanted? Y7 students have been exploring their own interests and passions with our Google inspired Genius Hour ranging from creating their own computer games, to portraying French fashion through the ages, to writing their own books. They produced some fantastic work that showed creativity, innovation and inspiration. 

As we continue to challenge ourselves during online lessons, students have been exploring different ways of working together. This involves working in focus groups and breakout rooms, brainstorming new ideas and giving meaningful feedback. 

 We have not yet been told when our schools might next be open for students, but between now and then, their education will continue, and we very much look forward to welcoming everyone back to face to face school as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Wishing you and your family a pleasant weekend. 

Kind regards,

Monica L Sudhirak
Head of School

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