26th January 2024

Dear Samakee Community,

Important Update: Completion of First Aid Refresher Courses by Our Staff

We are delighted to share that all our staff members have recently completed a comprehensive First Aid refresher course. The primary objective of this training was to give our staff the confidence and skills necessary to respond effectively in a medical emergency where urgent assistance is required. The course taught our staff to handle various emergencies and addressed day-to-day scenarios where first aid may be required.

First Aid training is important in maintaining our students’ safe and secure environment. In addition to the training completed by our staff, we have a full-time nurse onsite. Our nurse plays a crucial role in supporting the health and well-being of our school community and is readily available to respond to any medical needs that may arise during the school day.

Your children’s safety and well-being are our top priorities, and being well-prepared to handle emergencies contributes significantly to creating a secure school environment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about our school’s safety measures. We appreciate your trust in us and remain committed to providing your children with the best care and education.

Thank you for your continued support.

Movie Night 2024

Movie Night is here, and tonight, Friday 26th January, from 5:00 pm onwards, you are invited to join your friends, teachers, mums and dads, brothers and sisters at school. There will be games to play, refreshments to eat and movies chosen by children to watch. 

You may wear your pyjamas or similar comfy clothes and bring a teddy, cushions, mats, blanket, etc. Bug spray is highly recommended!

Thank you in advance for participating, and huge thanks to the PTG for organising games and refreshments. Enjoy the evening!

Upcoming Community Events

You are invited to a One-Stop Parent Workshop!

Mindful Parenthood: Thrive Together

Thursday 1st February at 8:00 am – Music Room 

In “Mindful Parents: Thrive Together,” we will explore the practice of being fully present for your child. Loving your child is innate, but ensuring they understand this love needs a mindful touch. It’s easy for life’s hectic pace to overshadow this vital connection between child and parent. This workshop aims to guide parents towards a more purposeful and present approach, fostering a deeper understanding of their child’s needs and creating lasting bonds.

Please come and join us in the Music Room next Thursday at 8:00 am. 

Sports Day – EYFS & KS1

6th March 2024  

All students in the First School will be taken off the timetable for the first part of the morning (8:45 – 10:00) to compete in fun games and activities, whereby they can demonstrate some of the skills learned in their PE classes.

Parent participation is encouraged!

Teaching and Learning Highlights!

Tu Bishvat

On Wednesday, the whole school celebrated Tu Bishvat in the school garden. Tu Bishvat is a celebration of trees, nature, and the environment and one we observe every year with the whole school holding hands and dancing together. Following the simple community celebration led by Zukhra, we all returned to class. 

Thai Social – Ethnicity

In Thai Social and Culture, students are exploring the topic of Ethnicity in Thailand. Through research and learning, they gain insights into the differences among people residing in the country. This knowledge enables students to understand and appreciate the diversity within various groups of people, encompassing aspects such as clothing, beliefs, lifestyles, and more. The exchange of ideas and information among students fosters a lively and enjoyable environment, promoting mutual respect for the distinctiveness of each group.

Enterprise Week in Middle School

Celebrating the Spirit of Entrepreneurship at Enterprise Week! Our middle schoolers have showcased incredible teamwork, creativity, and business savvy by making products to sell for Enterprise Week! Our children have learned valuable lessons in teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience.

Year 4 Indian-Themed Topic Day!

On Thursday, 25th January, Y4 participated in an Indian-themed Topic Day!

Children were allowed to wear colours of the Indian flag or Indian dress. We invited students to bring a small suitcase and a neck pillow for their ‘flight.’ Our students embarked on a trip to India, where they engaged in a variety of activities designed to immerse them in the vibrant and diverse culture of this beautiful country. A highlight of their journey was discovering the capital city of India. Through virtual tours, storytelling, and interactive activities.

Year 6 – Pop Art ‘Warhol-esque Print’

The year 6 students have been immersed in a fresh Pop Art initiative centered around the iconic artist Andy Warhol. Engaging in the creative process, each student is refining their self-portraits to produce a Warhol-esque print. The atmosphere in the room this morning buzzed with enthusiasm, as each student eagerly explored the possibilities of their creations using Photopea. 

Year 7 – Acids and Alklis

Our year 7 students have recently started learning about acids and alkalis. As part of an introductory practical, these learners made a batch of pH indicator from red cabbage juice, and used it to test a variety of common chemicals to identify acids and alklis. The students made a list together of which chemicals to be aware of, relating them to their associated hazards.

Upcoming Important Events

Nightingale House Event – Clever Classroom Door

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at “Clever Classroom Doors”, brought to you by the Nightingale team, happening on Friday 23rd February! Join us for a day of creativity, teamwork, and loads of fun as we transform our classrooms into a world of imagination and learning. Let’s make our classrooms come alive with colour and innovation! This event is not just about doors; it’s about creating a vibrant, collaborative learning space that reflects our unique personalities and ideas. Save the date, spread the word, and get ready for a day filled with flair and camaraderie! 

Award and Achievement

Swimming at Amnuay Silpa and Bkk Prep!

Huge congratulations to all our Samakee swimmers last weekend. 22 students took part in the ANS Titans Meet and 2 students were at Bkk Prep for the a long course swim event.

We are so proud of all who entered these first two meets of the year. Many Personal Best times acheived and some medals awarded to high placings over all.

Well done! We are very much looking forward to a great term of swimming.

Monica L Sudhirak
Head of School

Head of School, Monica L Sudhirak: msudhirak@standrews-samakee.com

First School Phase Leader, Tabietha Sudhirak: tsudhirak@standrews-samakee.com

Middle School Phase leader, Hannah Riddi: hannah.ridd@standrews-samakee.com

Upper School Phase Leader, Nicky Page: npage@standrews-samakee.com

“Samakee is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all students and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.”

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