Dear Samakee Community, 

All our students are now attending face-to-face learning at school, and it is essential to acknowledge how special this feels after so many months of online learning!  Exuberant little people busy at their work and play once again occupy our school’s corridors, classrooms, garden and play areas, and it is delightful!  

I want to thank all our families for making this possible; completing the ATK tests twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday and sharing this information via our Google Form helps keep our school community safe with as limited chances of COVID infection as possible. We shall continue to work hard and be very vigilant at school, providing clear communications to those directly affected if an infection occurs and our whole school community as appropriate. 

 Would you please use the ATK tests to check if you or any member of your family have signs of a COVID infection? For example, a temperature, sore throat and or runny nose and cough. We must exercise an extra dose of caution under the present situation, and if these symptoms are present, please keep your children off school until better. We also ask that you keep us informed of any infections so that we can take immediate action to safeguard our community.

As a reminder, here is the link to the Google Form for ATK test results; please make sure that you write the date and your child’s name on the ‘test device’, take a photo and send it to school.  Test results should be sent on Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. Thank you in advance for your vigilance and support in this matter.  

Last week, I mentioned adding two dining rooms for EYFS, KS1 and LKS2. These children do not have access to the servery in the hall; instead, they eat a hot packed lunch prepared by Epicure in a plastic box with an individual spoon and fork and a snack in a paper bag with milk or fruit juice. This new method of serving school lunch and snacks has proved very successful, and the children enjoy this unique style of eating with their friends and teachers. Epicure makes sure there are plenty of extras for second/third helpings and caters to individual needs.


This term in Lower Key Stage 2, we have been learning about how sound travels through vibrations and how pitch and volume can change a sound. Using a bluetooth speaker, a bowl and some food items, we were able to play music and see for ourselves how the vibrations made the salt and rice dance around on top of the clear plastic. The children enjoyed making predictions and drawing conclusions from this experiment. Well done Lower Key Stage 2.

Last week, children enjoyed making their own Krathong to celebrate the “Loy Krathong” festival in Thailand, which is on the full moon day of the 12th month of the year. This creative activity was the first hands-on face to face activity in Thai class for a long time. We are happy to see your smile!

WHERE IS THE LITTLE FISH?                             
On Monday, the Reception class listened to a Thai story named ลูกปลาหายไปไหน by Sor Poomsuwan. (Where is the little fish?) After listening to the story the children cut out their fish and drew scales and patterns on their fish. They enjoyed talking and sharing thoughts and ideas about their fish and tried to write ป. They had so much fun counting the fish and guessing where the little fish was.

Upper School students have been planning and performing ways to improve their athletic performance at home. They have also planned further ways to improve personal running times or jumping and throwing distances in school with the aid of more equipment and space.LAST DAY OF TERM 1
Our last day of Term 1 will be on Friday 10th December, and as part of our termly tradition on the last day of term, the school will close a little earlier to start the Christmas holiday. Departure times will be staggered as follows.

EYFS – 12:30
KS1 – 12:40
MS Y3,4,5 – 12:50
US – 13:00 

Wishing you a pleasant weekend. 

Kind regards,

Monica L Sudhirak
Head of School

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