Dear Samakee Community, 

Welcome back to school following what I hope was a relaxing half-term holiday. It was pleasing to see so many children staying on this week for the start of ECAs, and the transition back to school and clubs was a smooth one.  

Key Stage 1 Mid-term 2 Attainment reports will be published today; however, a Report Hold will be in place if tuition fees or other payments are pending. To remove a Report Hold, please pay the overdue amount directly into the school’s bank account and email the deposit slip to the school so that we can remove the report hold and share the report with you. Thank you. The next set of reports will be for Middle School and shared with parents on April 30th. 

I want to remind you that ECA payments were due by February 24th. If you have already paid, thank you, if not, please make payment within this week. Thank you for your support in this matter.

 Meanwhile, Year 7 have been busy this week collaborating in the science lab and exploring the difference between series and parallel circuitry. 


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website here at Samakee. Our main aim was to improve accessibility and offer essential information and news for current and prospective parents and carers. We also want our website to be a useful news source, ranging from the latest news, calendar events at the school, statutory policies and social media links. 

You can visit Samakee’s new website St Andrews Samakee; we hope you find it useful and enjoy browsing and seeing some of the fantastic photographs. If you do happen to spot any issues, we’d appreciate the feedback, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 FIRST SCHOOL VIRTUAL PARENT CONSULTATIONS Next week, we are looking forward to First School Parent Consultations – March 9th & 11th. Virtual appointments with class teachers will be 15 minutes in duration and 5 minutes with Specialist teachers. We will be using Google Calendar Appointments for this set of consultations and the appointment sign-up schedule will be made available today via Firefly. If you have not used Google Calendar before please read the information carefully in order to successfully navigate Google Calendar Appointments. We look forward to talking with you next week. 

Useful tips on the day of Parent consultations

  • Go to your emails to check your appointments and meet codes
  • Open the Google Meet codes prior to your meetings so that you can be admitted on time.
  • Please make sure that you use the email address registered on the school’s system – do not use a different email address.
  • In the event that you miss your time slot contact the school office and we will let you know if there are any available slots.

The school day for First School children will end at 13:30 on these two meeting days while children in Middle & Upper School will finish at the usual time, 14:30 if your child does not have clubs and 15:30 if your child has after school activities.  


 This week, Year 4 used their persuasive techniques to take part in a debate. They researched the pros and cons of deforestation throughout the week and then presented their argument to Year 3. The whole class spoke clearly and confidently in front of the audience, and although both sides had very valid points, the majority of Year 3s voted that they were against deforestation. Well done Year 4, and thank you for being an excellent audience Year 3! 

Upper School students are enjoying a new game in PE this term, Frisbee! I hope that you have a pleasant weekend. Kind regards,

Monica L Sudhirak

Head of School

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