Dear Samakee Community,

A great first week back at school. We hit the ground running (literally) with out Early Years and Key Stage 1 Sport Day. A wonderful morning of sporting fun and community spirit. It was great to see our Upper School students supporting the younger children throughout the morning. Thank you to the parents who came to watch and to those parents who joined in the final event. 

Our community came together again this week in support of Rare Disease Awareness. Lots of colourful socks were seen around school as a reminder. Another great display of unity, diversity and community in our small school.

We look forward to all things circular next Thursday on Pi Day!

Wishing you a relaxing weekend. 

EYFS and KS1 Sports Day

A great display of agility, balance and coordination during our Early Years and Key Stage 1 sports day. Well done to all our young athletes. Good job, everyone!

Teaching and Learning Highlights!

EYFS – Thai Traditional Dance Club

Introducing our Thai Traditional Dance Club for Early Years students!  Let your little ones immerse themselves in the beauty of Thai culture through dance, vibrant costumes, and lots of smiles. It’s more than a dance class; it’s a journey into the heart of Thai traditions!

KS1 – Vegetables and Herbs

The children in Year 1 and Year 2 engaged in various activities centred around the Thai topic of Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs. They crafted artwork using stamps made from vegetables and herbs, nurtured morning glory (ผักบุ้ง) plants at school for two weeks, and created delightful fruit jellies. Thanks to all the children for their full participation and excellent efforts! Well done!

Diversity at Samakee

At St. Andrews Samakee, we believe in the beauty of diversity and the power of unity. Each of us brings a unique set of qualities to the table – our passions, our dreams, and our perspectives shape who we are. But amidst these differences, there is one profound truth that connects us all: our humanity. 

Year 3 – Carnaval

This week, students have embarked on an exciting journey into the world of Spanish culture!  

Imagine being able to chat with friends from all around the globe, watch your favorite cartoons in Spanish, and even join in the festivities of Carnaval!  Learning Spanish opens up a whole new world of possibilities and friendships. 

And guess what? Carnaval in Spanish-speaking countries, is like the ultimate party for kids! Picture yourself dancing to lively music, wearing colorful costumes, and munching on delicious treats with your new friends from Spanish-speaking countries. Take a look at the masks we made, that we would want to wear! We even used our body as an instrument when listening to traditional Carnaval songs.

Year 4 – Rare Disease Day

On Tuesday, we celebrated Rare Disease Day by hosting a special event where a parent joined us to raise awareness about the importance of understanding and supporting individuals with rare diseases. It was inspiring to see children sporting bright-coloured socks, symbolising unity and diversity in our community. Together, we highlighted the positives, shared stories of resilience, and emphasised the importance of inclusion and support. Let’s continue to spread awareness and advocate for a brighter future for all! 

Upper School – The World Scholar’s Cup Team

The World Scholar’s Cup is an annual international academic program with over 15,000 students from 65+ countries. We plan to send a team to compete in the Regional Round in Chiang Mai on June. The events include Team Debate, Scholar’s Challenge, Collaborative Writing, and Scholar’s Bowl, offering students the chance to win medals (and alpacas). This prestigious event involves weekly Friday sessions for event coaching and subject knowledge preparation.

Awards and Achievements

Hong Kong International Youth Performing Arts Festival

Congratulations to our talented Samakee students! A big shout-out to our Y4 boy for securing a trophy in the Vocal category, and a round of applause for our Y3 girl who participated in the Piano competition. They have both made it to the final round in Hong Kong, showcasing their exceptional skills. 

Well done on this fantastic achievement!

Growth Mindset Master

For trying hard in Maths, listening well and being a fantastic helper for the teacher.

Upcoming Important Events


  • 14th : PI Day 14th 
  • 16th : Merlions Swim Meet SISB
  • 21st : KS2 SMARTs Showcase
  • 21st : Everyday Maths: Research Informed Workshop
  • 25th – 29th : English Book Week
  • 21st : World Down Syndrome Day
  • 30th Puppy Dash : – 11&U
  • 30th – 31st : Brighton College US Swim Meet

Monica L Sudhirak
Head of School

Head of School, Monica L Sudhirak:

First School Phase Leader, Tabietha Sudhirak:

Middle School Phase leader, Hannah Riddi:

Upper School Phase Leader, Nicky Page:

“Samakee is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all students and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.”

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