9th February 2024

Dear Samakee Community,

Next week, our Upper School students embark on an unforgettable adventure to Sam Roi Yot/Dolphin Bay for five days and four nights! This residential promises to be an enriching and exciting experience filled with memorable activities and opportunities for personal growth.

Staff have carefully planned various activities to ensure every moment is filled with excitement and learning. From exhilarating beach team games to immersive cooking sessions, invigorating hikes to visits to the elephant sanctuary, engaging with the local fishing community, and exploring the wonders of snorkelling, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and treasure.

We do not doubt that this adventure will have a lasting impact on their lives, and we look forward to hearing about their wonderful experiences upon their return.

Chinese New Year 2024

Thank you to each and every one of you for joining us for the lively celebrations of the Chinese New Year this morning, marking the arrival of the auspicious Year of the Golden Dragon.

The children’s colourful outfits and enthusiastic participation added energy and enjoyment to this memorable event. From the dazzling acrobatic displays performed by the lions to the traditional noisy accompaniment of the cymbals and drums, your presence made our community’s celebration truly special.

May the Year of the Golden Dragon bring abundance, prosperity, and good fortune to all of you!

Teaching and Learning Highlights!

EYFS – Creativity

During music time, every beat inspires our students to new heights, reminding us all to embrace the beauty of spontaneity and creativity in every moment. Let’s dance through life with the same enthusiasm and joy!

KS1 – Chinese New Year: Cooking

This week the children have been cooking up some delicious bean sprouts and tofu as part of our Chinese New year celebrations. They have really enjoyed working together to follow the steps to making this dish and they were excellent at listening and following instructions. They enjoyed eating their dishes and trying lots of vegetables!

Year 3 – Lunar New Year Assembly

This week in Y3 we have been looking at some of the traditions that people follow during Lunar New Year celebrations.

In English, we looked into the legend of the Great Race which determined the order of the Chinese Zodiacs. We even looked at the year we were born in and the subsequent zodiac we were and wrote a fact file about it.

In Art we created the big dragon together, whilst also practising Chinese calligraphy of numbers 1-10 and also Chinese paintings of nature, mountains and the outdoors.

Year 4 – Investigating Gasses

Our recent gas investigation in Year 4 was a hit! Students dived into hands-on experiments, unraveling the mysteries of these invisible substances. Excitement filled the air as everyone explored and discovered. A big win for STEM Education! 

U9 Football @ SISB

Well done footballers for a successful series of winning games at Singapore International School of Bangkok. Students put their weekly training into practice with good teamwork and skillful play. For some this was their first ever inter-school game with all players showing promise for the future. 

3v3 Basketball vs Magic Years!

The Upper School Girls and Boys Team travelled to Magic Years for their first 3v3 Basketball game. Introduced at the last Olympics this increasingly popular sport was well played by all. On a half court there was more shooting and point scoring and further time for attacking and defending. Well done team!

Awards and Achievements

Upcoming Important Events

Sports Day – EYFS & KS1

6th March 2024  

All students in the First School will be taken off the timetable for the first part of the morning (8:45 – 10:00) to compete in fun games and activities, whereby they can demonstrate some of the skills learned in their PE classes.

Parent participation is encouraged!

Monica L Sudhirak
Head of School

Head of School, Monica L Sudhirak: msudhirak@standrews-samakee.com

First School Phase Leader, Tabietha Sudhirak: tsudhirak@standrews-samakee.com

Middle School Phase leader, Hannah Riddi: hannah.ridd@standrews-samakee.com

Upper School Phase Leader, Nicky Page: npage@standrews-samakee.com

“Samakee is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and safety of all students and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.”

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