Dear Samakee Community, 

It is lovely to have the children back in school once again. Like educators everywhere, we are hopeful and optimistic that schools can stay open safely for the remainder of the term. However, the situation remains unpredictable. We want to be prepared and make any necessary adjustments to our programme if schools must close again in the future and to do this we need your help. Please take time to complete the survey below and give your thoughts, comments and suggestions.  


You have done a fantastic job over the last two school closures – you have juggled so many roles and learned many new skills in the need to support your child’s learning at home during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We thoroughly commend and thank all of you for your efforts. 

We all want what is best for your child and we want to consult with you as research indicates that effective partnership with parents enables the best outcomes for children. If your child is in Middle or Upper School, please take time to complete the survey below and give your thoughts, comments and suggestions. We value and appreciate your input. Thank you. ONLINE LEARNING SURVEY MIDDLE & UPPER SCHOOL LINK 


Samakee Farm is a popular place for all children to work and play. This week, I caught Year 4 busily involved in various projects: making a climber for vegetable plants with bamboo poles, and this structure will, I am told, double as a tunnel to crawl inside – intriguing. I look forward to seeing the finished climber! Others were practising their rope climbing skills, digging in the mud pit, and yet others spending time with the ducks after a busy spell spent searching for their eggs. 

Having fun on the farm is, of course, an essential part of our outdoor learning programme; however, there are also lots of chores to be done and the children complete these tasks responsibly and enthusiastically! Here are just some of the many jobs that need to be done daily by different groups of children.      

1.  Putting up the sunshade in the main garden, as a team     

2.  Watering plants in the main garden     

3.  Tending to the pond in the back garden     

4.  Watering the plants in the back garden     

5.  Feeding the goats (without them escaping!)     

6.  Feeding the ducks (without overfeeding them)     

7.  Keeping the fish pond clean     

8.  Clearing leaves and putting them in the Compost bin     

9.  Searching for duck eggs   

10. General tidying of the farm at the end of the day


This week, EYFS have been experimenting with live streaming “Move It” when the air quality has not been good enough to go outside. What is live streaming, you may ask? Live streaming allows the teachers and children to watch, create and share videos in real-time, just like live TV. Here you can see Nursery leading Move It in their classroom with their teachers, while children in Kindergarten and Reception watch and participate in their classrooms. Lots of fun and great moves EYFS – thank you for raising the flag!  


As mentioned last week,  ECAs will resume after half-term; the week beginning March 1st. The ECAs will run for ten weeks and end on May 25th. Individual music lessons will also resume the week beginning March 1st. Allocations for music lessons will stay the same as December, so there is no need to sign up again. However, if you would like to make changes to your child’s music lessons or new families would like to register, please contact the school office to determine if spaces are still available. Thank you.


Next week, we are looking forward to our second Parent Consultations this year – February 16th & 18th. The school day for Middle & Upper School students will end at 13:30 on these two meeting days while children in First School will finish at the later time of 15:30. 

First School Parent Consultations will take place after the half-term break on March 9th & 11th. 

I hope that you have a pleasant weekend. Kind regards,

Monica L Sudhirak

Head of School

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